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Water lab questions

No description

Jack Richburg

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Water lab questions

Name 3 characteristics of water in the experiments from Monday and today. Spaces in water, density, floatation, closed and open systems, depth,pressure, capillary, and surface tension How is buoyancy different from floatation? Buoyancy of an object is equal to the amount of water it displaces.
If water displaced=weight of object it FLOATS!
Floating objects are bouyant but... an object can be bouyant and NOT float. What is the relationship between depth and pressure? As depth increases, so does the pressure. What 2 factors determine floatation? The density of the liquid in which the object is floating.
The volume of the object must be large enough to displace a weight of water equal to the weight of the object. How does air pressure affect capillarity? As air pressure capillarity in an open system. How is the surface tension of water a benefit to marine organisms? It provides a habitat freshwater insects and their larvae.
Fish eats insects that float on the top.
Neustons depend on the surface film. Neuston is the collective term for the organisms that float on the top of water (epineuston) or live right under the surface (hyponeuston). Neustons are made up of some species of fish, beetles (see whirligig beetle), protozoans, bacteria and spiders (see fishing spider and diving bell spider). A water strider is a common example that skips across water's surface tension.
Give 3 examples of organisms that could not survive without the bouyancy of seawater. Whales,
giant kelp, and jellyfish
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