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Christina Headey

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Denmark

Denmark By Christina Introduction Denmark's Population 5,564,219 Copenhagen's population 1,213,800 Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark Danish Krone Languages Danish
English Geography Flag Land Climate Lots of rain
July is the warmest month
19 degrees Celsius in July and August
Spring weather starts in March or April
The winter in Denmark is very cold but there is no snow
-15 - -30 degrees in the winter
April has lots of rain storms
October to March the days are long and short Plants Animals The national animal is the mute swan
native animals
Roe Deer
European pole cat
Least Weasel
Common Otter
European pine martin
Common Seal
Brome Hare
European Rabbit
Field Vole
Eurasian Red Squirrel
Stripped Field Mouse
Cross Fox
Beech Martin
The endangered animals
Eurasian Otter
White Whale
Harbor Porpoise
Pond Bat
Western Barbastelle (bat) People Happiest People in 2012 (7.6 out of 10) Farms Beach Rain People Happiest people in the world 2012 7.6 out of 10 on the average life scale The Dutch, Finnish, and Norwegians are also the happiest people with 7.6/10 Small families Not many people get married Normal house hold has a married couple and their kids under 20 50% of house holds only have one adult Traditional Clothes farmer clothes
made of wool and vegetable oils
shoes have buckles on them Modern clothes are the same as in Canada. Quality of life Copenhagen has the best quality of life in the world Equal rights 7th best economy in the world Very happy place Food Meals breakfast, lunch, dinner
lunch is usually not eaten at home Smorrebrod Potatoes Ice-cream Danish Alphabet Education Start school at 7 years old
87% of students get free education
all co-ed schools
stay with the same teacher
8:00am to 3:00pm
August to June
Gr. 3-6 and 8-9 learns English
Gr. 7 learns German or French
It is good education Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt Queen Mararethe the 2nd the Queen is married to Henri Marie Jean Andre
Fifty kings and two queens of Denmark
some kings where vikings 1st world country
free country
equal rights
good place to live Exports and Imports Major industries Wind power 20% of the power supply in Denmark was wind power in 2008
Denmark developed wind power
Denmark makes over half of the wind power designs
almost half of Denmark's wind power stuff are exported to other countries Shipping one of the largest shipping places in the world
they ship most stuff by boat
Vikings also shipped some stuff to other places
Denmark does 10% of the sea trading in the world
shipped almost 10 million tons Manufacturing has small but powerful manufacturing
lots of it is for wind turbine parts
also for automobiles, sporting stuff, and toys 45th biggest city in Europe, 121st in the world Sports Shooting, gymnastics, and athletic clubs became popular in 1863 to 1964 after they won the Danish, Prussian war. Football (soccer) was introduced in the 1870's by British engineers. Rowing started in 1886 Denmark has competed in every olympics Some of Denmark's favorite sports Cycling
Racket Games
Ice Hockey
Football (soccer) Football National sport
red and white jerseys
Danish dynamite
Part of the UEFA (union of European Football Associations
they have won the European Championship 1992, FIFA Confederations Cup 1995, and 4 Olympics medals (4 Silver, 1 Bronze) Bikes Copenhagen is the most bicycle friendly city in the world.
More than a third of people in Copenhagen go to and from school or work on a bike.
All of the cyclists in Denmark go about 1.1 million kilometers every day. Bike lanes There is 7000kms of bike lanes in Denmark The main cities in Denmark
Aalborg - 609kms
Aahus - 450kms
Odense - 510kms
Copenhagen - 412kms Culture Sankt Hans Aften St.Martin's Eve Pentecost The Queen's birthday Shrovetide Candlemas Global relations Canada's imports from Denmark $1.44 billion
Canada's exports to Denmark $273.1 million

11 Danish-Swedish wars between 1521-1814
Denmark was at war a lot between1448-1790 with no political reason

Denmark trades with Iceland a lot since Iceland's became an independent country
Icelandic is also the third language Vikings They where good tradesmen and crafts men
They roamed though the northern European seas
Got as far as Asia and the Northern Atlantic
Thor and Odin were vikings gods of northern mythology and they are from Denmark
built towns and markets by the water so vikings could get there easily
Vikings had huge ships
They lived in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Northern Germany
The viking period was from 800AD - 1050 AD Vikings settled in France, England, and some other countries
Traveled down the European cost
Swein Forkbread once was a king of Denmark and he was also a Viking Clothes
Lots of layers
Women wear long dresses
Wore fur to be keep warm
Rings show richness and beauty
Favorite colours were red and green

Had helmet and a chain for protection
The kings helmet would have horns on it
They carried a sword, axe, or a knife
The king would send people to war The End Oresund Bridge opened on July 2nd 2000
It is 16km long
4km of the tunnel
4km of an artificial island
8km of the bridge
it is from Malbo, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark
10 minutes to get across oresund bridge in Danish, lego means play well
Lego was invented in Denmark
Ole Kirk Christiansen invented lego
he was a carpender from Denmark
it was invented in 1932
when they where first made they only sold in Denmark
there is also a place called Legoland in Denmark Hans Christian Andersen Danish author
wrote famous books
some of the books are The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Ducking, and The Emperor's New Clothes
he was born in Odense, Denmark and now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark
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