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No description

Mr ParadiseFall

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of OLYMPUS GYM

I. Introduction
The Mission
Provide strategies & training programs to bring for customer the beauty & confidence
II. Services of Olympus Gym
III. SWOT Analysis
> Lecturer: Mrs. Nhu
> Members:
Pham Ngoc Dai Cac
Le Thi Hoang Oanh
Le Vinh Kha
Lam Son Trong Quan

The Objective
Become the Best Gym in Vietnam in 2015
For fitness and Health:
Light room
Heavy room
For beauty:
Massage room
Diet strategy
 An experienced and well-trained staff
 Equipment more modern than Cali or Phuc Thinh fitness.
 Flexible operating hours
 Spacious and airy, create new-feelings make more comfortable.
 More services which satisfy to demand of customer
 High space rent
 Olympus gym is low in staff that can be problem in providing service to a large pool of members

 Lack of money sources
 Health care club market is rapidly growing
 Increasing heart and obesity disease are causing people to pay importance to exercise and health care activities.
 People are getting use to have gym and health clubs in their daily routine of life.
 Technology is more and more develop -> Create many equipment to supply customer demand.

Recession and economic downturn can slow down the growth of health clubs.
 More competitors in the Gym market
Health care and fitness services – Basic products:
- Light exercises: cycling, indoor jog,...
- Heavy exercises: boxing, do weight-lifting,…
Beauty care – Expected products:
- Yoga class
- Massage: foot, body, face…
- Sauna (for Health & Fitness + Massage+ Yoga members)
- Diet programs ( exercise schedule + special menu + daily calories’ monitor)
2. Price
Yoga: 3 classes/ week – 1.5 hours/ class
Website, social network
Advertising on magazine
Discount programs
Thanks for your attention
Any questions
 New fitness so lack of customer's trust. Cannot compare with Cali ,Phuc Thinh or Lan Anh fitness.
Monthly Half year 1 year
Developing urban areas
High income households
Ideal location in space
Lack of competitors
Large area and fresh air
District 2
VI. Competitive Advantage:
Cost leadership:
If customers register for a period of 1 year, there will be 2 options:
- Can get free massage ticket within 3 times
- Give a specialized accessory kit for the gym about 1,000,000VND
Low price but the quality is assured
Apply VIP card with discount to 10% for all the services in next class
cafeteria & canteen
functional foods & fitness milk store
child-care area
Other incentives for customers
Free trial day
Associated with Nike, Adidas, etc; bring discount to our members when purchase these brand's products
Periodic health checks for customers to give best advise for all customer
V. Marketing Plan
Facebook: Create event and invites the customers to participate the opening event to introduce about Olympus Gym & our services.

Website: information about all services of Olympus Gym and opportunities of jobs.

Magazines: Introduce, advertise for our discount program; vouchers for who buy these magazines.

Posters: youth palace of culture, supermarkets and plaza departments.

Identify potential members and training them to attending to contests such as: Olympic, …
Special annual event:
Create “Best Body” contest between Olympus Gym’s members and other Gyms.
->The winner will receive the VIP (5-10% decrease) during the next participation.
VII. Financial Plan
Payback period:
Income statement:
Start-up Expenses:
First three months:
Open at 5 A.M
Close at 11 P.M
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