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New Developments in Applied Reproduction Technology

No description

Alex Souza

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of New Developments in Applied Reproduction Technology

New Developments in Applied Reproduction Technology
Alex Souza, DVM PhD
Dairy Advisor - UCCE

What are some newly
developed technologies
already available?

Novel & applicable reproductive technologies:
Pregnancy diagnosis
Fertility assays
More effective synch programs
Superovulation and IVF
Artificial insemination & Breeding
Artificial insemination & breeding:
In the future...
Bovine AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) assay:
To select more fertile cows
Hormone produced by small follicles
Correlated with follicle counts in ovary
To select cows/heifers for Superov. and I.V.F.
Correlation between AMH and Superovulation response
Genomics, automated estrus-detection...
Energy balance and lactation:
each point in PR = ~$30/cow-year!
Genomics vs Epigenetics...
New AI-gun cover sheath:
Losing BCS post-partum:
Rodrigues et al 2011
P. D. Carvalho Thesis 2014
Impact in future offspring:
Bach et al 2013
Bovine recombinant-FSH:
Superovulation and IVF
Carvalho & Souza et al 2013
Souza et al.
CA -

Synch programs:
Slide: Dr. Paul Fricke
Pregnancy diagnosis:
Slide: Paul Fricke
Slide: Paul Fricke
Slide: Milo Wiltbank
MIlk-based pregnancy test:
LeBlanc 2013
Souza et al., 2008
Lopes et al., 2014
Souza et al. 2012
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