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Ranger's Apprentice

No description

Gabriel Dingley

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Ranger's Apprentice

By Gabe Dingley
There are multiple settings in this book. The book starts out at Araluen and then moves to Celtica.
Celtica is a large iron and coal mining kingdom. The Celts are known for building great structures.
"The rock took him in the side of the head and he grunted in surprise, then his eyes rolled up and he fell at her feet, dark blood already welling from his scalp." (185) Ranger's Apprentice - Book #2 The Burning Bridge
The theme of the book is bravery takes you all the way.
The Burning Bridge
Book Two
Ranger's Apprentice
Will Treaty
One of the best Ranger's Apprentice, that is still being trained by Halt.
He is very stealthy and honest.
Will still asks a lot of questions.
Horace Altman
Horace is tall and bulky and a natural swordsman.
He is Will's best friend.
He is still a BattleSchool Apprentice.
Halt O'Carrick
Gilin is the only one in the Ranger Corps that wields a sword.
He is Halt's former Apprentice.
Gilin is tall and funny.
Halt is one of the Rangers.
His job is to keep the kingdom safe.
Halt is older, quiet, and always watching.
Will is his Apprentice.
''His remaining 9 arrows were arcing in the air before the first one struck.'' (261) Taken from Ranger's Apprentice - Book#2 The Burning Bridge
''The time to shoot would be in the last 30 meters.'' (178) Taken from Ranger's Apprentice - Book #2 The Burning Bridge
"He's one of my best trainees - a real natural with a sword." (19) Taken from Ranger's Apprentice - Book #2 The Burning Bridge
"Gil's one of the best unseen movers in the Ranger Corps. The best, probably." (34) Ranger's Apprentice - Book #2 The Burning Bridge
By John Flanagan
Will, Gilin, and Horace travel to Celtica because they found battleplans for an upcoming battle. They travel to Celtica to get support for the upcoming battle. When they reach Celtica , all the towns are deserted. The Celts are missing because they were captured by Wargals. They end up having to burn the bridge down in Celtica to cut off a major supply route. Then the battle starts.
Credentials - Evidence of authority, status, rights, or entitlement to privileges.
"And it requires that you examine and acknowledge my credentials before we proceed." (91) Taken from Ranger's Apprentice - Book #2 The Burning Bridge

Undertaking - A promise; pledge; guarantee.
"I'll honor any undertaking I've made." (204) Taken from Ranger's Apprentice - Book #2 The Burning Bridge
The book is the second book in the series Ranger's Apprentice. There are 12 books in the series. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys reading medieval and action books.
He was only a boy, she realized, but he was willing to sacrifice himself for her and the rest of the kingdom. (184) Taken from Ranger's Apprentice - Book #2 The Burning Bridge
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