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No description

Tammy Essic

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of MIKE FINK

Mike Fink Mike Fink was born in the Allegheny Mountains. When he was a baby, he ran away and lived with acrobatic frogs. But he longed to be a keel boatman. When he got older, he competed in shooting contests. His gun's name was bang all. once he shot three bullets through a tree as neatly as peas in a pod When Mike got a little bit older he tried to join some keel boatmen, but a man named Carpenter wrestled him and threw him all the way to bear country. With the bears, he learned to
fight and wrestle better. Soon,
he was ready to wrestle Carpenter
again, and win. Mike Fink returned to Carpenter and his keel boatmen. They wrestled, and with no surprise, Mike won. After the fight, Mike became one of the keel boatmen and Carpenter and Mike became best friends. They then swore that they would die for each other if they absolutely had to. On their journey on the river, the keel boatmen and Mike met steamboat captain. Mike picked a fight with the steamboat captain and their crew, so the steamboat ran over the keel boat and the steamboat exploded. After the explosion, the captain of the steamboat picked up Mike's hat and was surprised to see that Mike was under that hat, alive. Mike gave the captain a slap down and threw him so far, that no one ever saw him again. Some believe that today, he's still flying through the air. THE END
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