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IGCSE Writing question7

Introduction Advantages and Disadvantages of using Mobile Phones

Harry Hansman

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of IGCSE Writing question7

Before Writing
read the topic carefully
decide on your point of view
organise comments given
notes - expand ideas
examples, description, explanation ... advantages disadvantages Writing Your Opinion
Giving Your Point of View Planning Structure Your Paragraphs Introduction
what your article is about (see the first sentence in Ex.)
your view point? More advantages...
Point 1 - discuss an advantage
expand: example, description,...
Point 2 - discuss another advantage
expand: example, description,...
Point 3 - discuss disadvantages
expand: explain, etc...
restate your view in a different way
say something about what people should do based on above Model Mobile phones have advantages and disadvantages. My view is that we need to know the disadvantages so we can enjoy the advantages of mobile phones.

The advantages of cell phones is that people feel safer with them. They can call for help in an emergency, like a traffic accident. Another advantage is they make it easy to get in touch with friends at any time, so it is no problem organising things with friends.

Some disadvantages are that cell phones are annoying in public, for example, in the cinema. Also, there are health risks connected with cell phones. There have been cases of people getting cancer from them because they give off radiation. We should be aware of this danger.

In conclusion, cell phones are useful, but they also contain dangers. We should find out more about these dangers by doing some research. Q 7
1. Topic: _____________________________

2. What is your opinion? _______________________

3. Group the comments (circle), give heading to each group, like in example.
Headings: Group 1 ___________ Group 2 _________

4. Add notes to expand comments: examples, description, experience,.... (write these beside the comments on exam paper) Possible points of view:
cell phones only have advantages
cell phone only have disadvantages
cell phones have a mixture of advantages and disadvantages What is your point of view?
there should be rules to stop people overeating
big families are better than smaller families
people watch too much tv
technology makes us lazy
Brunei has a wonderful climate Intro Advantages Disadvantages Conclusion 144 Words Topic____________________________ Groups? Headings? Notes? Your Viewpoint?
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