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Warriors of the World

No description

Zachary Venegas

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Warriors of the World

I am going to take you on a tour around the world visiting....... the "WARRIORS FROM HISTORY." I choose to show you famous warriors because I think they are very interesting. Let's get this party started! OREGON ENGLAND We came to England to find some Knights. Knights wore protective armor and carried long swords. They fought for kings and their god. They often rode horses because their armor was too heavy for them to walk. GREECE In Greece we find a very special warrior known as the Spartan soldier. They were trained from birth to be excellent fighters. At the age of 7, soldiers take the boys away from their mothers. At 20 years old they have to take a very hard test to become a citizen. Spartans really do not have a family life. Scandinavia region is where the mighty Vikings mostly came from. These great warriors also known as the Norse people lived in villages. They are also known for their longhouses. This is where they store everything from animals to food. Scandinavia Norway Sweden Finland Genghis Khan was a great warrior of the Mongol Empire. When he was born his name was Temujin. After he founded the Mongol Empire, he was proclaimed "Genghis Khan". Mongols were nomads that lived in circled huts like our "Yurts" today. Mongolia Welcome to China. Here we will find the Samurai. A Samurai means" those who serve in close attendance to the nobility" according to China. These warriors used swords, longbow, spears,and matchlocks . CHINA Tachi- Samurai sword Aztec Warrior This mighty warrior fought for his country. They wore loins clothes. These men would paint their face and wear head dresses. They used bows, shields and spears to protect their villages. They traveled up and down the Amazon River by canoes. The Amazon River provides transportation and food for them.
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