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Athena by Nathan

No description

Jaci Howard

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Athena by Nathan

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Goddess of War and Wisdom
By: Nathan Holl Athena The Birth of Athena One day, when Zeus was married to Metis, he was suffering and having headaches making him cry out in agony.This was because he swallowed Athena fearing Metis would have a son who will over throw him, so instead he didn't take a chance and swallowed her just then.Yet skilled Hephaestus cut open his skull. Just then Athena popped out fully grown! She was Zeus's favorite child. Athena's Sweet Ride Athena's favorite thing to ride is a mythical creature called a Pegasus. She got it when Medusa violated her temple. Once Medusa was turned into the hideous monster and was beheaded, Pegasus was born. Soon, the small horse was given to her.
The Temple of Athena The columns are a combination of the three types (Doric,Ionic,Corinthian).They are Doric and have Ionic on the top.Each entrance have six columns in front of it.Pictures and statues lay all over the temple.Each looking like a scene from a brutal Greek war.It was finished in 432 BC.It was designed by many and it was a great achievement for architecture in Greece. Symbols,Appearance,Parents
and More Athena's symbol is the owl. Her parents are Metis and the almighty Zeus. She is also allowed to use Zeus' thunderbolt. Her tree is the olive and her favorite city is Athens. Also, she wears a helmet and carries a spear and shield. Athena's Strong Points Athena is goddess of two elements: War, and wisdom. Combined together, makes her the goddess of war strategy. Athena and Medusa:A Greek myth Long ago Medusa was a lovely girl.Everyday she went around boasting about how great she looked.Each time she boasted to even more people. One day, she wandered into Athena's temple (Parthenon) and talked nonstop about her looks. As soon as Athena heard how she trashed her, she confronted her. She was so enraged, she turned her into such a hideous monster she turns people to stone.Then she was sent away forever so nobody would become stone. Athena and Arachne:
Another Greek Myth There once was a girl named Arachne. She was around seventeen years old. She lived in Lydia and was working on her masterpiece. Once finished,everyone enjoyed it. However,due to the painting, Athena came to see if she had found her a pupil, but the art was far better than her's. So in a jealous rage she ripped up the tapestry. Arachne ran away afterwards and hung herself for she found no reason to live. Athena, ashamed for what she had done turned her into a spider so she may weave her webs forever more. Athena:Brothers and Sisters Athena has two brothers and a single sister.The twins are Apollo and Artemis. She is also related to the youngest of all the gods and goddesses, the god Dionysus. Apollo is the god of music, and Artemis is the goddess of the hunt. While Dionysus is the god of wine and grapes. Athena and her Owl Athena's owl has many names in her myths. Some of the most heard include Hesiod, Nyctimene, and Bubo. It's believed that it's name is actually Bubo. It was chosen to represent wisdom. Resources Helpful to Hero's Athena helped many hero's, such as Perseus,the killer of Medusa and Achilles, the fearless warrior with a heel of weakness. She also helped Odysseus, the slayer of the cyclops named Polyphemus and creator of the Trojan horse. Lastly, the lost hero named Jason tried to save Greece from his father. Yet, he was tricked by him and sent on a wild goose chase to never return. Parin D'aulaire's Ingri and Edgar Book of Greek Myths,Doubleday, New York 1962.
Giovanni and Micheal Gibson,Gods Men & Monsters from the Greek Myths, Schocken, America 1982
http://mythology.wikia.com/ wiki/Athena
Lady Hestia Evans,The Mythology Handbook, Candlewick Press,America 2009
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