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Symbiotic relationship between Oxpecker bird an hippopotamus

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Ben Williams

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Symbiotic relationship between Oxpecker bird an hippopotamus

Symbiotic relationship between Oxpecker bird an hippopotamus
Semiparastic relationship
The relationship of the Oxpecker bird & Hippopotamus is considered to be semiparastic
Oxpecker bird
In this relationship, the Oxpecker gets food and protection from the hippopotamus. It gets is food by making small cuts in the hippo and eating the parasites.
The hippoptamus is kept clean by the oxpecker. The oxpecker's diet keeps the hippo away from harmful parasites.
Disadvantages of the relationship
When the Oxpecker keeps picking at the cut on the hippo it makes the hipppo more prone to infection.
Life without each other
Hippo without Oxpecker
Similarities and differences between tubeworm/ bacteria
Oxpecker without the Hippo
The Hippopotamus is able to survive without the Oxpecker as it lives under water most of the time, thus keeping it away from ticks and other parasites during that time.
The Oxpecker is able to survive without the Hippo as it can get its food and protection from other animals such as Rhinos, Zebras and Giraffes.
The relationship between the Tube worm and Bacteria is simliar to the the relationship of the Oxpecker and Hippo as they both benefit from one another in terms of shelter, food supply, etc.
The only difference that exists between the two relationships is that while the Hippo and Oxpecker are able to survive wothout each other, the Tube worms and Bacteria are not able to do so.
Tube worms and bacteria
The tube worms & bacteria have a type of relationship known as mutualism, in which both organism benifit from each other.
Other relationships in the Hydrothermal vents
Other symbiotic relationships that exsist near Hydrothermal vents are: Shrimp & Bacteria, Mussels & Bacteria, and Crabs & Bacteria. All of these relationships represent Mutualism.
Thanks for watching
created by: Ben Williams &

Aniruddh Kedlaya (A.K)
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