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Using Technology to Support Students as Producers of Knowledge

Presented at GradSTEP, January 25, 2014

Derek Bruff

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Using Technology to Support Students as Producers of Knowledge

Using Technology to Support Students as Producers of Knowledge
Derek Bruff / @derekbruff
Collaborative Bibliography
Collaborative Timeline
Jason Jones' Assignment: http://is.gd/fLB1CS
Class Blog
Humberto Garcia's Blog: http://is.gd/jFyCgz
Derek Bruff's Blog: http://is.gd/hNIko8
Authentic Audiences
"Center of Attention," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
David Silver, Univ. of San Francisco: http://is.gd/Yp4DSF
Local Histories
Larry Cebula's Story: http://is.gd/b7w66i
Update: http://is.gd/ifu1DE
“Spiral out, keep going,” Tawcan, Flickr (CC)
Legitimate Peripheral Participation
Blogging in Public
Digital Graffiti Gallery, http://is.gd/wc5ewa
Brian Croxall, Emory U.: http://is.gd/XETIUe
Mapping Novels with Google Earth, http://is.gd/twyYAY
"In the driver's seat," Jenny Downing, Flickr (CC)
"Choices," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Open-Ended Problems
A Degree of Autonomy
"Blue Lobster," Richard Wood, Flickr (CC)
Students as Producers?
Derek's Story: http://derekbruff.org/?p=2118
Multiscale Concept Maps
Example: http://is.gd/L9IL3u
Tamara Carley's Story: http://derekbruff.org/?p=2444
Research Blog
Bryan Gibbon, Baylor U.: http://is.gd/G1WfTQ
Derek's Diigo Group: http://is.gd/x7evIm
Social Bookmarking
Twitter Fiction
Vivian Finch, Vanderbilt U.: http://is.gd/rOsD4F
Wikipedia Contributions
Jon Beasley-Murray, UBC: http://is.gd/vvL4Lo
Research Blog
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History Hoax
Digital Stories
Chris Willmott, Univ. of Leicester: http://is.gd/R4XdYr
In Silico Analysis
Annotathon Background: http://is.gd/wjx34d
Discipline Authenticity
Role of Audience
Five-Page Papers
By this I mean the traditional five-page paper assignment, a genre fairly unique to the college classrooms, with an audience of one (the instructor).
Mobile Fieldwork
Mapping Projects
Bass & Elmendorf (2010)
Ryan & Deci (2000)
Ambrose et al. (2010)
Lave & Wenger (1991)
Deep Learning
Bain (2004)
"Braving the Deep," racaza, Flickr (CC)
Your Turn!
Find a group and brainstorm ways to use technology in the service of students as producers.

Contribute your ideas to this Google spreadsheet: http://is.gd/gradstep2014.
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