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Justin Conway

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of WHAT IS TEN TREE?

Justin Conway
Sonya Friedrich
Geoffrey Downs
Nicki Mclean
Michael Tarantino
Environmental and social responsibility
Ten Tree Apparel
Protect the world you play in
Ten Tree is a canadian based company dedicated to helping the environment by planting trees all around the world
With every product purchased, Ten Tree encourages consumers to give back to the environment.
Don't you want to feel like you're making a difference too?
What is Ten tree ?
For every item purchased,
Ten Tree apparel will plant
ten trees.
As of June 16 2014 Ten Tree has planted 1 681 900+ trees
What is their Goal
Initiatives within Canada include reforestation projects and agro-forestry initiatives in Saskatchewan, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, B.C, and Northern Alberta.
The majority of Ten Tree reforestation in Canada is on land that has been effected by pine beetles and forest fire
Environmental and Social Benefits
Ten Tree is committed to producing apparel that is made from eco friendly material. Materials are provided within local regions, which reduces pollution from shipping, further minimizing Ten Trees carbon footprint
People Helping people
"At Ten Tree, we're focused on more than just planting trees. We want to change lives"
The company plants only indigenous trees within a giving region, by utilizing local nurseries. "At Ten Tree, we're focused on more than just planting trees. We want to change lives". Ten Tree hires forestry experts and collaborates with organizations with local knowledge.
Ten Tree hires forestry experts and collaborates with organizations with local knowledge
Members of the community in which the trees are planted are employed to grow the seedlings, while other locals are also also hired to clear the planting site of debris and prepare them for growth "...fifty trees can provide one local worker with a full day of employment.
Local employment also continues after planting.
Ten Tree employs community members to gaurd the newly planted trees from animals and weather threats, while the growth of the new trees take place.
Their goal is to "offset the effect of pollution on our planet" ( tentree.com,2014) and give back to nature, what has been taken from it
What is their goal?
Ten Tree works with factories who use sustainable practices both environmentally and socially. They ensure the companies they partner with follow standards that uphold fair hours, zero child labor,, fair compensations and a safe work environment.
Ten Tree uses WRAP standards (worldwide responsible accredited production) to uphold and regulate safe universal manufacturing practices. This ensures all employees are working in repsonsible working environments.
Ten Tree provides training, coaching, and development strategies to local communities on the benefits and maintenance of sustainability.
Ten Tree's social media outlets include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. For every member who joins the Ten Tree community on Facebook or subscribes to their newsletter, a tree is planted in their name.
The Canadian Wildlife Federatrion, WeForest, American Forests, Eden Reforestation, and Trees for the Future, are amonst the many not-for-profit organizations that Ten Tree partners with to aid in their goal of creating sustainable practices.
Their first partner was Weforest, the largest not--for-profit organization that promotes reforestation. Within the first three months, Weforest made it possible for Ten Tree to plant in 14 different countries.
Ten Tree encourages long term sustainability through their efforts. The seeds from the trees that ten tree plants will encourage sustainability far into the future.
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And: http://www.canon.ca/inetCA/home?m=home

Music: "So Good to Me" Chris Malinchak may 2013
Ten tree plans to work with Kamifanisa prison in Zambia to "provide inmates with meaningful work and to generate income by planting fruits and vegetables that can be sold to the communities outside the prison" (Clarke, 2012).
Thank you all for watching
We hope that you will help contribute and give back to the earth what you have taken from it.
The initiators !
Within the first 3 months of inception , the company had reached a $120,000 in revenue. They then received $100,000 investment in the company which helped them expand their market.
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