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No description

Nicole Ross

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Sexting

Sending or forwarding nude, sexually suggestive, or explicit pics on your cell or online.
Real problems can emerge when the parties involved are under 18.
What is it?
1/3 of teenage boys and 1/4 0f girls say they have seen nude or semi-nude images on a cell phone that were originally meant to be private.

60% sent the sext to a
boyfriend or girlfriend
You get a reputation- because that "private" sext somehow escaped the phone it was sent to.

You forward a sext and help humiliate the person in the pic - contributing to their emotional distress...

You get arrested. Taking, sending, and possessing naked images of a minor is a federal crime 
What could happen?
Charges could include:
Child pornography (even if the sender is a minor)
Electronic transmission of harmful information to minors
Providing obscene material to a minor
Creating child pornography

All of these could lead to time in prison and becoming a registered sex offender
Once the images or text is sent, the originator has no control
Getting kicked off of a sports team
Face humiliation
Lose educational opportunities
Get in trouble with the law
Think about the Consequences
~ Never take images of yourself that you wouldn’t want everyone to see- your classmates, teachers, family, employers etc.

~ Before hitting send remember that you cannot control where the image travels
What you send to a boyfriend/girlfriend could easily end up with their friends, and their friends and their friends.

~If you forward a sexual picture of someone underage you are responsible for this image
Tips to Prevent Sexting
The best defense is a
good offense
Keep your personal information private.
Names, addresses, license plate numbers, where
you work, your date of birth, your social security number

Keep your passwords in lockdown.

DELETE any inappropriate pictures that you receive.

Report it – tell a teacher, parent, administrator etc.

Draw your line. No need to settle for relationships or friendships where someone is pressuring you to Sext.

Do Not Forward – by forwarding a Sext you can find yourself in as much trouble as the originator of the image.
Just something to think about before we get started . . . .
Social Networking Includes
Virtual Worlds
Club Penguin/Toontown
Teen Second Life
Video Sites
Game Stations
Auction/Shopping Sites
Video/Picture Sharing
Myspace (old)
Many others
Chat Rooms
Instant Messaging
AIM (old)

Where does the online content come from?
Not just ourselves…
Others as well: friends, family, co-workers, employers, newspapers, school etc.
So how do we find our Digital Footprints?
Have you seen a SEXT?
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