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Copy of Big Spaceship: Ready to go Big?

No description

Dana Thompson

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Big Spaceship: Ready to go Big?

Michael Lebowitz
Founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, Michael Lebowitz, started his journey as an intern at an Allston, Massachusetts company called Stumpworld Systems, in 1996.
With a combination of experience and eagerness, Lebowitz landed a full-time job at a New York- based company called Thoughtbubble Productions.

Michael Lebowitz
While at Thoughtbubble he was in charge of the website for the Bravo cable television network, where he rose to a leadership position and took on projects for additional clients.
In 2000, Lebowitz and a colleague at Thoughtbubble took advantage of a great opportunity of low start up costs. It was then that Big Spaceship was created.

Who is Big Spaceship?
Big Spaceship is an innovating digital agency with only 50 employees, but is in competition with larger digital agencies.

In collaborating with their customers, Big Spaceship’s process is made of three main phases: Discovering, Designing and Building.

Native Advertising
Big Spaceship:
Ready to go Big?

The Competitive Overview and Primary Competitors
According to www.sharethrough.com, Native Advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed
Lebowtiz sees native advertising as a strategy for how to take a traditional piece of media and putting it out into the world digitally.
Distinctive Competencies
Distinct Management of Resources
There are no barriers between departments (Greater Chemistry)
Cautious Clientele Choices
A rare tactic that leads to low employee turnover and higher innovation.
Honesty in Relationships with Clients
Steady yet Cautious Growth in Firm

SWOT Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
A systematic way of examining all the organizations functional activities and how well they create customer values.
While using the Value Chain Analysis it is significant to assess the organizational activities that create value.
Getting Products to Customers
Marketing Goods & Services to Customers
Servicing Customers
Research & Development
Managing Human Resources
Questions or Comments?
Big Spaceship Since 2008
Internal Analysis
Getting Products to Customers
Big Spaceship has the appropriate personnel needed to get products to customers.
Four Main Functions: Strategists, Producers, Designers, and Developers
Internal Analysis
Marketing Goods & Services to customers
According to Michael Lebowitz, Big Spaceship has a creative and unique sales promotion through the spirit of innovation.
Big Spaceship differentiates itself from competitors large and small.
The employees at Big Spaceship are energized and driven.
They have a sense of creative liberation, which allows them to take pride in it’s high quality and high performance workforce.
Though the firm does not require long hours, everybody is really into polishing their work when deemed necessary.
Internal Analysis
Servicing Customers
Big Spaceship prides itself on granting the client/customer the opportunity to provide input on the final product.
Big Spaceship’s value proposition “involves taking clients on a journey that carries risk of going beyond their comfort zone.”
There is a level of engagement with clients that is met at a strategic level. Includes exploring the clients goals with the logical capabilities, available marketing assets and the clients’ target audience.



Case 2 Analysis By: Jarvis Carter, Ariel Revere and Dana Thompson
2009: Big spaceship increased its revenue by 33% from the prior year.
2010: The 50-person firm was included on the Ad Age's Best Places to work.
2010: CEO, Michael Lebowitz, says Big spaceship no longer works with agency middlemen, and only works with clients directly .
2010: Big Spaceship was considered one of the Best Mobile Web Award Winners from the Web Marketing Association's Award.
Big Spaceship's Projects
Miramax Films
I, Robot website and game
The Spongebob the Movie game
Nike Air "More Air, More World" .
To increase revenue, the firm should increase clientele
Continue focusing on quality employees rather than quantity
Don't rely on the big agencies for clientele
Increase competitiveness by emphasizing their unique working culture
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