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soooooo cool!!!!!

Nadia Kunkov

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of wonderworld

Winter is white winter is blue, winter is alway's there for you.
The tree's are now bone's swaying side to side, they watch the iceskater's slide as they glide.
During winter when snow makes a wall,
little snowflake's swiftley fall.
Sant's coming, to make some fun,
and all decaration's by now are done.
Manora's are lit, were ready to blow,
on our friend's face a whole clump of snow!!! The mountain's...
Right at the top where you can see, the whole world including me.
Are the mountain's, where the mist curl's up, against the heavy snow the mist goes bump.
The snow combines with heavy rock, where secret's you must unlock.
Is a key to the world inside, and i'v been there so i am right.
In this world that I have been, is the beautifulest thing ever seen.
It's a secret no one can tell, so I will just wish you fairwell. The sunset...
The sunset's and rises, of all of it's surprises.
The sky turn's light orange, as it set's,
and fisher's pull up their last net's.
The shadow's are coming to take the sun,
but say thank'a for all that was done. Flower's...
Flower's bloom and flower's die, they wave back when you say hi.
They float along the river they float along your face,
Some kind's of flower's are in a special place.
Flower's come and flower's go,
some flower's we don't know WONDER'S...
Have you ever wondered - mabe how and why you wondered? Well I'm here to tell you what you will NEVER hear in this vivd language -
a story of wonder's. So enjoy!!
Please turn off your cellphones or any other electric divices for the story of wonder's, please keep in mind to give your undivided attention to the writer/speaker, a fine of $5,000,000,000 (or more- depends) will be given, we appreciate your understanding, please enjoy!!! THE REAL STORY OF... WONDER'S!!!!!
Wonder's drift silently across your mind, they are wonder's so - what els is their to do? They drift and dift as if gohsts, thinking of wonder's to fill your mind... Wonder's collect in your mind as you go places, do things - that you'v never done - they gather like a party of thoughts, but good thoughts - and they wishper in a hush of how to make you say: I wonder... I wonder...
Magic wonders, but as long as their the wonder
wonders they won't get worried after all...
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