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Women and Children in Shakespearian Times

No description

Nathan Della Gatta

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Women and Children in Shakespearian Times

When Shakespeare was alive (Shakespearean times: 1564-1616) women were not treated like humans, they were treated more like prostitutes. At the time, men were considered the superior gender and had all control over women and what they do. Because of this, men, who had control over women, could marry whoever they wanted.

In the law, women were not allowed to have jobs, even though they did, they didn't get educated and they didn't get paid as much as men, or maybe not paid at all. They needed to stay home and do domestic work. Eg: Cooking, cleaning , washing etc. The mothers would teach their daughters how to do these things. The jobs men had include providing food, shelter, clothing and entertainment. There also were civil servants and teachers.
Witches & Witchcraft
Single women were often accused of witchcraft normally when they are single. These were the consequences, they were normally beheaded, hung, burnt alive but mostly they were drowned. To see if someone was a witch, they would tie up a lady, and throw her into deep water; If she sunk, she was innocent, but if she floats, she was a witch (Or so they thought in at the time , it was a belief :/ ). Either way, they will both be dead. When someone got sick or ill, no one thought that is was caused by bacteria, they thought it was an evil spell by a witch. Many, many innocent women died during Shakespearean times.
Wealthy women were allowed to go to school but they had to be tutored at home. They were taught in Latin, Italian, Greek and French. Dancing and Music was also taught. But sadly they were not allowed to go to university.

Poor people and middle class people were not allowed to go to school. They did not receive formal education. They needed to learn how to govern a house hold. Poor people had to become skilled in house hold duties.





Women and Children in Shakespearean Times
Children were not treated like humans. Same with the women. They felt utterly useless, especially the poor kids. Women and children have no rights at all. Boys were expected to be married at a very young age. (Around 16.) But girls are expected to be married at the age of 12. If the children did not do what their parents expected, they would be physically punished. They didn't have a very long life either, most of them died at around the age of 29-34.

Children in those days did not get good education. They learned how to read bt they didn't get real lessons like math and science.
In conclusion...
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