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Jennifer Lopez

My prezi is about Jennifer Lopez.

Nicole Charette

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez. She was born in July 24, 1969 The Bronx, New York, Her parents are of Puerto Rican Descent. Jennifer Lopez has starred in movies such as ANgel Eyes, Enough, Wedding Planner and more. Nickname is J-Lo. Her Career She dated Ben Afleck during her yournger years.
She is an actress, singer, record producer, dancer, fashion designer and television producer. She started her career as a dancer on the show "In Living Color" Jennifer Lopez payed for her own singing and dance lessons at age 19. Her Family jennifer Lopez married the Latin singer Marc Anthony She had twins Max and Emme on february 17, 2009 Jennifer Lopez is listed 1 of 100 Influential hispanics her father David Lopez is a computer specalist Her mother was a kindergarten teacher in New York City My Opinion. Some of J-Lo's Songs. *All i have. *Que hiciste. *No me ames. *Baila. I think Jennifer Lopez is one of my favorite hispanic artists. J-Lo has influenced many young Latinos over time with her movies, songs, and dances. She is an amazing singer and dancer, actor also. I never really listened to Spanish music until I started listening to Jennifer Lopez. So she was part of the reason I now enjoy it. Jennifer Lopez is a very successful Latin American women.
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