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Peiwen's Capstone Portfolio

No description

Peiwen Yu

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Peiwen's Capstone Portfolio

MAY 2016
A little about me...
Standard 2 Management and Operation
Operation System
Fiscal System
Human Resources Management and Development

Career Goals
In the next year or two

Over the next five year
Current Professional Role and Brief History

9.2015 to 5.2016 M.Ed. in Education Administration,  University of Massachusetts Boston

9.2014 to 6.2017 M.Ed. in English Education,  Shanghai Normal University

8.2012 to 11.2012 Exchange Student,  University of North Carolina in Greensboro

9.2010 to 6.2014 B.A. in English Education,  Shanghai Normal University


2.2016 till now Commonwealth Diversity Fellow, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

9.2013 to 7.2014 College Counselor, Shanghai Normal University

5.2014 to 6.2015 Mandarin Teacher, Shanghai Foreign Service co., Ltd

3.2015 to 5.2015 English/Homeroom Teacher, Shanghai World Foreign Languages Middle School
Standard 1 Instructional Leadership
Equity and Excellence
Data-Informed Decision Making
Professional Development
Standard 3 Family and Community Engagement

Family Engagement
Effective Communication
Community Connections

Standard 4 Professional Culture
Mission and Core Values
Shared Vision
Personal Vision
Cultural Proficiency
Team Building
Thank you!
Evaluation and Professional Development
Equity and Excellence
Data-Informed Decision Making
Operation and Fiscal System
Human Resources Management and Development
Mission, Core Values and Personal/Shared Vision
Cultural Proficiency and Team Building
New Standards and Old Inequalities:
How Testing Narrows and Expands the Opportunity Gap
Chapter 3 Get on the Balcony
Student Pledge
Pilot Model
SPSS Data Analysis
MA District and School Profiles
100 Males to College & Dual Enrollment Survey
Do you have enough room in your building to meet these needs?
Up Academy Charter School of Dorchester
Inclusion Conversion
Hiring Highly Qualified Teachers Begins with Quality Interviews
What is an example of one Behavior Based Interview question that would reflect the growth mindset?

How did you
deal with conflict
between two students?
In your point of view, do you believe students that is divided by good and bad?
What did you do when you had a student who had reading disorder?
What is your advantages and disadvantages?
What are your
strengths and
opportunities for growth?
What is your idea about growth mindset?
When you were in charge of a bad performing class, did you want to continue to teach them the next year? What strategy did you apply?
How did you get along with the teacher who taught better than you?
Foreign language classroom: How did you use target language to explain an abstract concept without using your home language? (Any way e.g. drawing, gesture)
What did you do when your leader gave you a wrong task?
What did you do when a parent wasn't satisfied with your teaching method?
Communication and Time Management Plans
Spring Practitioners Invite List
Google Site For 100 Males to College
Mission and Core Values
The core values of my ideal school are open-mindedness, critical thinking, curiosity, respect and excellence.
I believe a school should cultivate students as a whole person, engage them in meaningful leaning, help them identify their interest and talents, be supportive, provide them the best educational resources, develop their social skills and make them enjoy their school life.
I believe it is school’s duty to create a safe and inclusive environment. I want all school members, especially students and families from different cultures and language backgrounds, to feel safe and welcomed in our school.
Although I have my own interpretation of what an ideal school should look like, I feel schools’ mission and core values should be closely related to faculty and students. Therefore, I would like to provide opportunity to my faculty members and students to discuss the mission and core values that they think are important. The mission statement and core value for the school should be built from there. Mission and core values should not be separated from teachers’ and students’ daily life. Thus, I empower teachers in my school to develop their own curriculum and embed school’s core values into it.

Shared Vision
My vision is that a school should not only prepare students to be competitive in the future, but also cultivate them to be a whole person who is open-minded, ambitious, polite and generous, who thinks critically and acts boldly and who is a life-long learner.
I also believe that every member in the school should share a common sense of accountability.
I respect the history of every school. I would not force my faculty to embrace my vision, my mission statements and my core values. However, innovation is as important as legacy. When the old values could not meet new global standards any more, changes are required. Sometimes changes come with strong resistance and conflict.
Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Group Meeting Agenda
March 3, 2016

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm Welcome + Introductions

12:35pm Visioning Process: What Should Dual Enrollment in Massachusetts Look Like?

1:35 pm Sub-committee Formation

2:00pm Next Steps and Timeline for Deliverables

2:30pm Adjourn

From Left:
Liliana Mickle, UMASS Boston
Peiwen Yu, DHE
Cynthia Orellana, Department of Higher Education
Cultural Proficiency
Educator Evaluation Schedule
Summative Evaluation Report
ADM G 655 Advanced Seminar in Supervision
Dr. Catarina A. da Silva
ADM G 613 Personnel Administration, Supervision and Evaluation
Dr. Kimberly Talbot
ADM G 655 Advanced Seminar in Supervision
Dr. Catarina A. da Silva
Mini-Observation/SOTEL Framework
Feedback/CEIJ Framework
ADM G 662 Curriculum Status, Issues and Trends
Dr. Collin Rose
Spring Practitioners Convening Planning Timeline
ADM G 464 Leadership Development
Dr. Kerry Mulcahy
ADM G 610 Research Design
Dr. Wenfan Yan
ADM G 632 Facility Design and Fiscal Management
Dr. Catarina A. da Silva
ADM G 632 Facility Design and Fiscal Management
Dr. Catarina A. da Silva
ADM G 464 Leadership Development
Dr. Kerry Mulcahy
ADM G 464 Leadership Development
Dr. Kerry Mulcahy

EDC G 606 Sociocultural Foundations
Dr. Stacey Jones

ADM G 613 Personnel Administration, Supervision and Evaluation
Dr. Kimberly Talbot
Personal Leadership Plan
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