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IFMSA exchange program in Athens


Sayaka Mori

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of IFMSA exchange program in Athens

Case Study: Question N Z think! watch! ask! http://www. Tokyo Greece Athens IFMSA clinical exchange program Sayaka MORI
Nihon University School of Medicine you want
Greek coffee? My happy days
in Athens Hippocrates The Father of Medicine University of Athens
Laiko Hospital Λαικο νοσοκομειο my daily schedule 4:30 wake up!
review yesterday patients

7:30 arrive hospital
greek coffee

blood drawing
see patients
10:30 rounds
13:00 go for juice!
help&observe procedures

16:00 leave hospital
go to the center of city
19:00 arrive hostel
review todays patients
prepare for tomorrow
22:30 sleep..... ask,ask,ask,ask,ask.... run,run,run,stairs,run.... every mon,wed,fri
professor's rounds

every tue,thu
seminar Π/Φ I dont want to answer phone calls anymore! made in Japan! Weekends Food!!! practiced skills -Blood drawing
-Atrial blood gas analysis
-Blood pressure measurement
-SpO2 measurement
-Blood glucose level measurement
-ECG supported/observed skills International
Federation of
国際医学生連盟 -Neurological examinations
-Lumbar puncture
-Bone marrow biopsy
-Fat tissue biopsy
-Central venous catheterization
-Airway suctioning
of mechanical ventilation
-Foley catheterization Melas was taking care of me No one knows everything

Ziogas Dimitrios Experience is your treasure

Papanikolaou Maria Π/Φ future assignments... -Alcoholic cirrhosis
-Hepatic encephalopathy
-Temporal arteritis
-Multiple sclerosis
-Multiple myeloma
-Behcet disease
-Wegener's glanulomatosis
-Soft tissue infection
-Brucella infection
-Septic shock
-Endmetrial Ca
-Lung Ca+liver and brain meta
-Deep vein thrombosis
-Pyoderma Differential Diagnosis -FUO
-pitting edema
-metabolic acidosis university+public
hospital Pathophysiology
dep. -management & control of sepsis -make treatment & follow-up plans -write a medical paper!

-poker face! (control my facial muscles)

-learn Greek Always learn beside patients!!

Ziogas Dimitrios hard working,
doctors! Greek people love phone calls!!! All greek doctors
are crazy for football?? Doctors chatting room landslide happens happy nurses! feed me a lot looooots of paper works!!! because of no copy machines... Best doctor in Greece
and his best shadow! Be careful of
palpitations!! agoraphobia Thankyou
Ευχαριστω! japanese food therapy What on earth is pathophysiology department??? Almost everything!!!!! Metabolic disease
Autoimmune disease
Cardiovascular disease
Malignancies Λουκουμαδεσ we dont have similar one in Japan... 12 rooms
40-50 patients sphygmomanometers blood counter I like butterflies! CBC labs ESR note taking is
quite important!! I like watching
the greek style talking! lol guess what? Σουβλακι frozen yogurt greek yogurt Ουζο 3sugars for a cup of tea...?? DM!!!!!!!! -come back to Laiko hospital!!! such a sweet comment!!!

I like greek people! Καθαρά Δευτέρα very pink hostel! with greek med students Acropolis museum huge Moussaka
makes my French teacher surprised Aegean Sea with my roommate from Germany He visited me
all the way from Paris!! National library Athena -goddess of wisdom Hi, Socratis! Hi, Platon! special greek Orthodox holiday lazy dogs everywhere... They never move colorful metro night shift
experience! my first day!
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