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Why Products Fail !

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Shalini Bagga

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Why Products Fail !

Shalini & Nerina Why Products Fail! 8 reasons why products
might fail 1. New Coke
2. Crystal Pepsi
3. Arch Deluxe
4. Ben-Gay Aspirin
5. The Zune
6. Baby Wee-Wee
7. Smokeless Cigarettes
8. Clairol's (Touch of Yogurt Shampoo)
9. Life Savers Soda
10. Cocaine Energy Drink 10 Products Have a Good Day ! Thanks For Listening To Our Presentation 1. Timing
2. Creating High Expectations
3. Strong Branding
4. Unneeded Product Changes
5. Mixing Two Successful Products
6. Business Partners
7.Target Market
8. Lack of Demand In some cases, a luxury product that's been in planning stages for years is set to launch just as a major recession is starting.
If the timing is right, the product will be a success. 1. Timing public feels like they're being tricked.
product has been hyped to a point where when it comes out it is not what the consumers were expecting
consumers want more 2. Creating High Expectations strong brand can be a blessing and a curse 3. Strong Branding Companies that are already successful sometimes try to improve themselves but end up scaring off their already loyal consumers. 4. Unneeded Product Changes combining two successful products or companies can somehow bring about disaster 5. Mixing Two Successful Products not getting along
different ideas, opinions, and perspectives
different needs and wants
Goals 6. Business Partners You can serve up the right product, but your customer base won't receive it 7.Target Market build a product, but consumers may simply reject it 8.Lack of Demand New Coke Crystal Pepsi Arch Deluxe Ben-Gay Aspirin The Zune Baby Wee-Wee Smokeless Cigarettes Clairol's Touch of Yogurt Shampoo Life Savers Soda Cocaine Energy Drink
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