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Welcome to the Fleet

Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer Services

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to the Fleet

Have . . .
Fleet Volunteers
Volunteers are essential to accomplishing our mission
A rich and progressive one
Just like our guests
Much to learn from
Keep it classy!
Uniforms & Dress Code
For everyone's safety, well-being, and enjoyment of the experience
Policies to Follow
6 Key Positions...and beyond...
Important Roles
For your safety and that of our guests
Safety Protocols
The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center seeks to inspire lifelong learning by furthering the public understanding and enjoyment of science and technology.
American aviation pioneer, entrepreneur
& philanthropist
Our namesake:
Reuben Hollis Fleet
He and his family made the essential gift for special planetarium equipment and gallery exhibits needed to open what became known as the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center.
Earned his Army pilot's wings in 1917
A year later was tasked with starting the U.S. Air Mail Service...which he did in 2 weeks at the age of 31
Founded Consolidated Aircraft - the largest manufacturer of aircraft during the Great Depression and World War II
Exhibits to Experiment with:
8 galleries
Permanent & temporary exhibitions
100+ hands-on/do-touch exhibits
Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Dome Theater:
World's 1st IMAX® Dome Theater
314 seats
Theater shows that take you from deep underwater to galaxies far, far away
IMAX film and digital projectors
Educational Public Programs:
Saturday Science Club for Girls
Senior Monday lectures & films
DNA Days
Nano Day
Green Day
Summer Camps
Scout Badge Workshops
And much more!
Fun Retail Spots:
North Star Science Store
Galileo's Café
Hours of Operation:
Open every day
From 10 a.m.; closing times vary
Updated hours and ticket prices always on our website
$17 for an adult
$15 for a Senior
$14 for a Junior (3-12)
Primarily through e-mail from the Fleet
If you are going to miss or be late to a shift: email
or call the MOD line at (619) 238-1233
Resignations - let Tanja know ASAP!
Next steps...
Perks & Benefits
It's fun being a volunteer!
Galileo's Café
North Star Science Store
Special events
The day of your shift
Earn Fleet passes each month
Sneak previews, lectures & other special events
Fun Fleet events
Fleet Bucks!
Volunteers & Interns of the Year
Annual recognition event (with food, awards & fun)
Always look professional & approachable
Fleet volunteer shirt for most positions
Khaki bottoms with Fleet polo shirts; shirts tucked in; belts when belt loops
Closed-toe shoes
Fleet name badge clearly displayed
No visible tattoos
No sunglasses, bags, backpacks or cell phones on the floor or in the classrooms
Hair neat & clean
Refer to handbook for complete details
Safety & the prevention of accidents is EVERYone's responsibility:
Unsafe acts are prohibited
No activity is so important that it should not be done safely, free of injury to staff, volunteers and our guests
Use care and good judgment at all times
If you are not sure how to do something safely, ask your supervisor
Report unsafe/hazardous conditions
If you or anyone else becomes injured, notify the MOD immediately
Medical Emergencies
All managers at the Fleet are trained in First Aid, CPR and AED operation
Alert your supervisor or MOD of all minor injuries
Alert the MOD of all serious injuries or medical emergencies
Do not move a seriously injured person unless they are in a hazardous area
Stay calm. Do not panic.
Do not try to retrieve personal items
Do not use elevators
Volunteers on the floor will help usher guests outside
Go to the Fountain in front of the Fleet - meet on the Park Blvd. side
Wait for the MOD or Senior Staff to give instructions for re-entry
Behavior & Conduct
Unacceptable conduct, violations of stated policies, can result in dismissal
The Fleet values a safe, happy workplace
Parking lots are controlled by the City of San Diego
We cannot reimburse you for any citations
Be sure to read and follow all signs
Refer any media inquiries to your supervisor, the Public Relations Manager or other Marketing Staff
You must not make statements unless instructed by the Marketing Department
Food, Phones & Personal Belongings
Cell phones are not allowed on the floor or in the classrooms
Food & Drink are not allowed on the floor or in the classrooms, except for bottled water with a lid
You do get 15-minute breaks for every 4 hours you volunteer
Record Keeping
Sign in and out each time you volunteer - at the Volunteer Station
For our grant applications
For safety purposes
The Fleet maintains a workplace free of any sexual, racial or religious harassment or intimidation
Zero tolerance for violations
Report incidents to your supervisor, Tanja or the HR Manager, Candi.
Computer Use
Computer use is monitored on Fleet computers
Accessing or using computers for discriminatory, harassing, derogatory, defamatory, x-rated or obscene purposes is prohibited
Personal Belongings
Strongly encouraged not to bring valuables into the Fleet
Storage options for other items - open/unlocked lockers, bring your own locks, use public lockers
The Fleet opened in 1973 with the world's first IMAX® Dome Theater
Doubled the size of the building to expand educational services offered
March 10, 1973
Gained LEED Silver Certification for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance
March 20, 1957
A group of San Diegans met and proposed building a museum of science and industry with a planetarium as the major attraction
The Fleet premiered its state-of-the-art, giant dome screen digital GSX™ system
Orientation Agenda
What you need to know about the Fleet
what's where
our programs & events
our history
What you need to know as a Volunteer or Intern
the different positions available
policies & procedures
perks & benefits
Scavenger hunt
Group interviews
Building tour
Some examples:

Excessive absenteeism or tardiness
• Volunteer assignment abandonment
• Theft
• Use or possession of controlled drug(s) or alcohol (except at an officially authorized social event if you are of age) while on company premises, while on duty, or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or any unlawful drugs
• Failure to observe safety regulations; carelessness or negligence while performing duties
• Malicious or willful destruction or damage to the property of the company, another volunteer, employee,
patron, or any other visitor to our facility
• Fighting or provoking a fight on company premises
• Violent acts of any kind or any threats of violence (real or perceived)
• Divulging or using confidential company information
• Refusal to do an assigned job or perform work in the manner described by the Fleet Science Center
• Disrespect or discourtesy to supervisors, patrons, fellow volunteers, or employees
• Falsifying, altering, or destroying any company records, including volunteer time sheets

GUITAR: The Instrument that Rocked the World!
Kid City!
Block Busters!
Tinkering Studio!
Aging For All Ages!
Cellular Journey!
Coral Reef Adventure
Wild California
Cosmic Collisions
Mysteries of the Unseen World
Senior Monday
Free Tuesday
The Sky Tonight
IMAX en Espanol
Monthly Events
Museum Ambassador
Gallery Facilitator
Tinkering Studio Assistant
Education Programs Volunteer
Monthly Commitment of 12 hours
Minimum commitment of 6 months
Event Ambassador
Department Assistant/ Intern
Rolling Stones at the MAX
Country Music
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