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Danny Shay

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN Danny Shay Period 4 Afghanistan
The capital city of Afghanistan is Kabul.
It is an Islamic Republic and is currently led by President Harmid Karzai

Kabul It is 652,230 square km.
12.31% of that land is arable.
Noshak is the highes point of elevation at 7,845 meters above sea level.
Amu Darya has the lowest sitting 258 meters above sea level. The country has a population 28,395,716.
Which is approximately 43.5 people pers quare mile.
The average life expactancy at birth for an Afghan is 44.4 years The infant mortality rate is 153.14 deaths per 1,000 live babies. That is over 15%!
The Afghan literacy percent is 28.1%
The unempolyen percent is more than 1/3 of the working class population at 35%.
As a result 36% of their population is belwo the poverty line. The two largest religious groups are Sunni Muslim covering 80% of the total population and Shia Muslim nearly covers the rest of the people at 19%.
The two largest ethnic groups in Afghanistan are Pashtun with 42% of the population and Tashik with 27%.
The top three Afghan exports are opium, fruit and nuts, as well as hand-woven carpets.
The top three imports on the other hand are foods, machinery and other capital goods, and textiles. The current currency used in Afghnaistan are known as Afghanis.
It is currently 50.25 Afghanis per U.S. dollar. There are 8.45 million cell phones in Afghanistan.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization apoligized Wednesday for the four Afghan civilian deaths on Monday night. NATO members fired at an approaching car in the eastern Afghanistan province of Khost. The four people that were shot at and were later killed were thought to be two insurgents along with their associates. However, they are now believed to have been three teenagers and one of their fathers returning from a sporting event. Afghan President Harmis Karzai has publically said that he is frusterated with the high number of civilian deaths occuring because of the war. Peace Talks POSTPONED

On Wednesday, President Karzai decided to postpone his planned interntional peace conference to some time in may. Many are predicting this was done because Karzai felt there would be much tension between the U.S. and Afghanistan at the conference. Now that it is scheduled for May Karzai will visit the White House once before the confernce which he believes will relieve most of the tension.
1/15 34 Provinces Mostly Dry Land Wrong Way! NATO Kills Four Civilians Compared to U.S. The U.S. has 6 of every 1,000 babies die where Afghanistan has 153 of evry 1,00 die. The United States Life Expactancy is 34 more years than Afghanisatns. We think our unemployment is hig at 9%, their unemployment is nearly triple that The average Afghan makes $800 per year where the average American makes 58 times that as much with approximately $46,000 In Conclusion... Afghanistan is struggling! T





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