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16 and Pregnant


Charlotte Rutz

on 22 March 2010

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Transcript of 16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant Positive Relationships Farrah's Story Farrah has a good relationsip
with Tyler who is a gay male
friend. He is very supportive
and gives words of encouragement. Her mother is overbearing, bossy,controling, and self-absorbed. She can be loving but that is rare. Once the baby is born she won't help out at night and keeps second guessing Farrah eventhough she is a bit ignorant. Negative Relationships Her best friends on the chearleading squad are
catty and ignore her. Farrah and her mom are rude to each other. Farrah protests because she doesn't like being controlled. Farrah is even tempered in spite of sleep the stress of pregnancy and motherhood. Farrah's docter is informative, upbeat, and supportive. Farrah is a loving mother to Sophia (her baby). She becomes more competant and confident. She stays upbeat despite sleep deprivation. Ashley (sister) is not very supportive; concerned more with her own feelings. Grandparents are gentle with
Farrah and give good advice. Farrah and baby Sophia The Father of the baby isn't involved at all. Farrah's father is distant and not involved that much.
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