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abusive relationships

No description

amanda wojciechowski

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of abusive relationships

Abusive Relationships How common are they? What are the signs? Physical Abuse Signs of Emotional Abuse Signs of Physical Abuse Which is more common: Emotional or Physical Abuse? Abusive relationships are more common than most people think.
They occur most often with younger age groups (18-25 year olds) but can occur within any age group
While the abuser is most often the male, the female can be the abuser as well Emotional abuse is any use of words, voice, action or lack of action to control, hurt, or demean another person. verbal threats
demeaning partner in front of others
name calling
constant criticism/ humiliation
monitoring partner's whereabouts and time
monitoring partner's social media, texts, phone calls
withholding money
threats of violence
threat to end relationship
Physical abuse is defined as the threat of harm or any forceful or physical behavior that intentionally or accidentally cause bodily harm or property destruction. Hitting, beating, choking, slapping, kicking, hair pulling, biting, burning
throwing objects
refusual to get partner medical help
smashing, hiding, breaking partner's possesions
depriving partner of medication
driving recklessly
stalking Emotional abuse is more common. Emotional abuse is almost always present in relationships where physical abuse is present. Top 5 signs:
5) Rushing into a relationship
4) Mood swings
3) Accusations
2) Isolation
1) Fear Emotional Abuse Emotional abuse erodes a persons self confidence and self-esteem Resources in Charleston Hope-http://www.hope-eci.org/ EIU Police
Charleston Police
Domestic Abuse Therapists
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