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PR & OGX workframe

No description

Mihai Zamfir

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of PR & OGX workframe

Pre-planning preparation Inputs 4 planning External market research For VP PRs # school year flow
# no. of faculties covered
# no. of students per each faculty,
per each specialization
& per each year
# backgrounds and profiles Internal market research For VPs OGX sharing knowledge Resp: PR+OGX # Ra-Ma-Re analysis (conversion rates, average time for Ma & Re)
# analysis of applications to Ra
# S&D knowledge (explanation of Ra-Ma-Re, sub-product knowledge, countries) 1 Planning recruitment OGX does # year plan
# objectives (Ra-Ma-Re)
# S&D management Resp: PR+OGX 2 National level (timeline | promo materials | national channels) Local level PR & OGX do # establish a message
# plan numbers of RCTM
(backwards planning model)
# tracking frame
# determine profile
# CY2CY promotion PR does # create communication plan
# establish channels
# media plan
# set MoS for each channel Promotion PR does #execution of plan
#strategies Resp: PR 3 OGX does # help PR deliver knowledge of X when needed
# support
# tracks application from CRM OGX + PR do # common analysis of RCTM (similar to newies RCTM) Selection Resp: OGX 4 OGX does # contract signing
# EP buddy allocation
# goal setting
# OPSes Raising Resp: OGX 5 OGX does # contract signing
# EP buddy allocation
# goal setting
# OPSes Matching OGX does # matching strategies Resp: OGX 6 PR does # analysis if you select the right people Notice 1) OGX must always have overview of the entire recruitment

2) Use EB Taskforces from the very beginning PROgx Cooperation - Together for better experiences
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