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Paying for College - Basic Version w/First Gen Video

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Jessica Larson

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Paying for College - Basic Version w/First Gen Video

Paying for College
Why college?
Knowledge - Critical thinking skills

Potential - Who are you? What are your interests?

Opportunity - More doors open

Income - 1 Million Dollars

2014-2015 Average Tuition and Fees
Technical & Community Colleges $5,370

State Universities $7,700

University of Minnesota $13,620

Private Career Colleges $14,270

Private Colleges & Universities $35,177

Please visit us!

Includes information on:
Tax benefits
Additional state-wide scholarships Listing of institutional scholarships
Tuition and Fees for 5 State Area
Financial Aid Estimator
Preparing, Selecting, Paying

Full Paying for College video series

Other Ways to Pay/Save
Dual Credit - PSEO, CIS, AP, IB

Military and Community Service - ROTC, Americorps, Peacecorps

How do I pay for it?
The more you save, the less you'll have to borrow

MN College Savings Plan - 529 Plan

Visit: www.mnsaves.org for more information
Financial Aid

Work Study
Free money awarded for special talents, grades, cultural or religious backgrounds etc.

Do not have to be repaid

Visit: www.fastweb.com to search for scholarships
www.ohe.state.mn.us to see a list of MN institution scholarships
Work Study
Money funded by the government that must be earned by working a part-time job on or off campus

Jobs can sometimes provide good experience in your field of study
Borrowed money from the government or private lenders that must be paid back with interest

Government Loans vs. Private Loans
Family Contribution
Financial Aid is designed to assist families who are unable to contribute.

Can include things like room and board, transportation.

Can also include extended family and close friends.
Free money usually awarded based on need ie: Pell, MN State Grant, college funded grants

Does not have to be repaid
Minnesota Dream Act
Eligible for:
In-state tuition rates at MnSCU and University of MN campuses

State financial aid programs

Privately-funded scholarships administered by MnSCU or U of M campuses
Attend a MN high school for at least 3 years

Graduate from a MN high school or earn a GED in MN

If male, complied with Selective Service registration requirements
Signed on May 23, 2013
For more information

- Eligibility
- Requirements
- Applications
- Legislative Updates

Paying for College: First in the Family
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