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No description

Cathy Bledsoe

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of NAACCR 2013

Institute of Medicine Report-
From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition
Start process of template and website development:
Pilot testing:
late May- late July
Evaluate the pilot

Revise content
New template design
Generic template
Spanish versions
Commission on Cancer Program Standards Released

CoC Program Standards begin
Using the CCCR to Pre-Populate Treatment Summaries and Care Plans: What We Learned
Cathy Bledsoe & Randi Rycroft
Slow uptake
Advisory Board
Collect Sample templates
Decide content/ layout of our new template
Develop resource booklet
ARRA grant (2O11-2O13)

Goals of the program:
The Beginning:
Develop a way to pre-populate treatment summaries and survivorship care plans (TS/SCPs) with cancer registry data

Demonstrate that it is feasible in oncology practices
4 pilot sites
3-5 plans per site
Purpose: find ways to improve the web-based application and templates
"It made it all so clear. It made it understandable. It's easy to believe after reading it that the cancer is controllable."
Take home message
Pilot data suggests that the Web Plus Survivorship Program is a feasible way to help hospitals in your state meet the 2O15 CoC deadline, and to help patients understand and accept the next phase of their cancer journey!
Cathy Bledsoe, MPH(c)

Randi Rycroft, MSPH, CTR
(3O3) 692-2542
Build web-based program

3-4 months of testing

Website demo
View or share this presentation at www.Prezi.com!
ARRA funding through the Office of the Secretary Contract Number 2OO-2OO8-27957
Pilot sites: 4
Nurses interviewed: 6
17 plans developed
13 delivered
9 patients surveyed
Piloting the program
Did oncology nurses like it?
Ease of Use- 8.8
Usefulness - 8.O
Acceptability- 9.9
Document reviews showed minimal changes

Most recommendations were related to the templates, not the application
Provider profile function

New templates

Family history info is accessible

Time to develop is highly variable

Multiple cancers/ recurrence is a concern
What we learned
Did patients like it?
How NEW was the information?
How HELPFUL was the information?
How well did you UNDERSTAND?
How SATISFIED were you?

Increased confidence
Increased understanding of future care needs
Most felt prompted to make healthy behavior changes
What we learned
Information not new, but helpful

1OO% would recommend

Timing of delivery and having a written record were important themes

Different methods produce different data!
Additional data
Focus group
More psychosocial resources
Want info explained
Recurrence was a strong theme in both
Patient-friendly language, formatting
Send to CDC in September

CDC/ ICF Macro
Randi Rycroft
Jeff Scott/ Paul Turtle
Advisory board
Pilot participants
Thank you!
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