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The Officiating Officials in Arnis

No description

Gretchen Lee

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of The Officiating Officials in Arnis

The Officiating Officials in Arnis
There is an official body who shall implement the rules and
regulations and shall have the sole authority in the
administration of the tournament proper. The tournament
officials are certified by the i-ARNIS and these are the following:
Tournament Director
The over all administrator and chairperson who shall directly ensure the proper implementation of all procedure
Screening Committee
This committee is composed of three (3) members who
shall enforce the requirements as stipulated in Rule 4,
Chapter Two. This committee shall include the
Tournament officials and a Physician as members.
Referees and Judges
These are officials who enforce the conduct of all tournament in accordance with the rules and regulations of the game. All Referees & Judges should have taken and passed the accreditation and licensure seminar of iARNIS and must be in good standing. Refreshers Course is required for all Referees and Judges who have not officiated in any tournament for at least six (6) months. They are the officiating officials of the tournament whose
decisions are FINAL .
Shall keep time during the actual match. A gong , whistle or bell shall be provided for his/her use in announcing the start and the end of the game and other calls.
Shall be tasked with recording the results of the actual games.
A record sheet shall be provided for his/her use in recording
Shall composed of the Chairman of the Judges, Recorder and Timer. They shall be tasked in recording the scores,
violations, and the time of the actual performance/s. They shall give the final results to the official’s table.
Flag Officials
These are the officials who will declare the violation/s of the performer/s by raising the corresponding flag/s.
Shall arrange the matches prior to the tournament and update the matches between players during the tournament.
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