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taobao site- e business

No description

Dina Wang

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of taobao site- e business

1.Preliminary marketing
2.Free advantage
3.Credit system
4.Trading platform
How Taobao can be so success?
Taobao was founded in May 10, 2003, founded by alibaba group. At present, taobao is Asia first big network retail business circle.

Taobao products in recent years the number of have the obvious increase, from automobiles, computers to clothing, household items, classification is complete, in addition is also equipped with the network game equipment trade sector, virtual currency trade sector, etc.

Taobao's current business across the C2C, B2C of two parts.
After six years of development, by the end of 2009, taobao has 170 million registered members and registered users are still growing!

According to statistics, taobao 2009 turnover of 208.3 billion yuan(34.7 billion dollor), 2010 is as high as 400 billion yuan(66.7 billion dollor), is Asia's largest network retail business circle.
Taobao internet shopping site
Taobao how to make money
Taobao shop business
competitive ranking
2007--43.3 billion
2008--41.3 billion yuan.
2009--208.3 billion yuan
a day 0.0032%
10000 yuan a day= 0.32 yuan interest
10 million users x 100 yuan=1 billion yuan
3200 yuan x 30 = 96000x 12=1.152 million yuan

1 billion yuan x 2.52% = 25.2 million
the second year is 30.6 million income (3.06% interest rate)
standard 30 yuan x 1 million= 30 million
expansion 98 yuan x 1million= 98 million.
Swot analysis
Accurate market positioning,
correct localization strategy
correct marketing strategies
their own mature technical standard
physical intangible assets advantage
human resources,
organization system advantage
capacity of competition advantage
Free heavy burden

the limitation of the model
The development of e-commerce
The policy support
The rapid development of e-commerce market
Intense competition
new entrant threat
the uncertainty of the policy
the threat of alternatives
Taobao shop merchants plugin rent
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