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Conclusion Paragraphs

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Elizabeth Suchanski

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Conclusion Paragraphs

Conclusion Paragraphs
Conclusion Paragraph
You won't accomplish the PURPOSE of the conclusion paragraph in less than
three sentences
Cut to the chase:
How long does the conclusion
have to be?
To wrap up your thoughts.
What is the PURPOSE of the conclusion paragraph?
There are three elements
that MUST be included...
How to Write a

Note: Be sure to vary your word choice from the introduction paragraph!
1. A restatement of
Remind the reader in different words of the body paragraph topics.
What else
be in the CONCLUSION paragraph?

2. a restatement of the main ideas in one to three sentences.
Ex: Zombies are easy to care for, and will provide companionship and protection.

The last element that
be included in the conclusion paragraph...
3. A final So What
Ex: If more people had pet zombies, this world would be a happier and safer place.
By the end of this video, you will understand the purpose of a conclusion and how to write a conclusion.
*NOTE: All of these tasks must be accomplished with NEW word choice.
To leave your readers with a final thought.
To restate your thesis and main ideas.
The last paragraph of your essay that provides closure (a finished feeling) to your essay.
To create a strong, satisfying finished feeling.
Thesis: Zombies make excellent pets.

Restatement of Thesis:
Clearly, the next new pet will be zombies.
Without a doubt, zombies are extremely useful as pets
Review the main ideas in the order they appeared in your essay.
This is NOT a time to introduce new ideas.
Stay true to the type of essay you are writing.
If it's persuasive, do end by encouraging your reader to do something.
If it's explanatory, make a general statement and don't end by encouraging your reader to do something.
Ex: If people want to be happier and safer, they should go to the closest pet store and pick out their pet zombie today.
Make the essay feel finished
You've finished watching!

Last Steps: Write your summary for the video on your note page as well as your HOT question.

Make sure your notes are complete, and submit them to Schoog before you come to class.

If you used a paper copy of the guided notes, take a good quality picture, load them into Notability, and make the picture large enough to fill the page before submitting it.
As we go through the video, remember the following:

Stop and take notes when you see the
Power of the Pause: pause as often as you need to!
Use the rule of 5: write down the ideas in your own words using 5 words or less.
Clearly, pet zombies come with a lot of benefits. Besides being incredibly easy to care for, they provide helpful companionship and protection. If more people had pet zombies, the world would be a happier and safer place.
Introductions vs. Conclusions
Restate Body Points
(Expands the thesis)
Thesis Restate
Final So What?
Narrow the Focus
(Capture attention)
(Keep the reader thinking)
Your Turn Writing
Use the So What Helper on your note page to help you write three possible Final So What sentences for your essay's conclusion.
Zombies are incredibly easy to care for. They are also useful as companions and for protection.
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