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Mousetrap Car report

No description

Emily Waters

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Mousetrap Car report

By: Emily Waters and Alexis Locascio Mousetrap Car Materials Successes (Why you want to buy this car) 2 CDs
2 Peanut Butter Jar Lids - Small
2 Small Mousetraps
4 Pieces of Small, Thin Wood
2 Straws
2 Thin Round Pieces of Wood
Rubber Bands
Duct Tape
Heavy-duty Glue To build a durable mousetrap-powered vehicle using inexpensive household materials that is able to quickly go forward and backwards while remaining in one piece. Purpose Step 1: Glue mousetraps onto pieces of wood
Step 2: Glue the pieces of wood with the mousetraps onto 2 other pieces of wood, leaving a space in the middle
Step 3: Glue straws to opposite ends of the bottom pieces of wood
Step 4: Make a hole through the peanut butter lids
Step 5: Stick a round piece of wood through one of the straws and place rubber bands on the outside of the lids. Duct tape the straw to the lid on the inside. Repeat with the other side
Step 6: Stick a round piece of wood through one of the CDs and place rubber bands on the outside of the lids. Duct tape the straw to the CD on the inside. Repeat with the other side Steps to Making the Car - The car is not able to successfully go backward after going forward.
- The car gets worn down easily (making it not be able to go as far).
- The car does not go the full required distance forward.
- The wheels are just a little wobbly. Problems 1. The whole car stays together while traveling.
2. The car looks great and will definitely make the driver look like a cool person.
3. The car is able to go forward in a relatively straight line.
4. The car can (almost) go up and park on the ramp. Some Solutions -We finally got the duct tape to stick to the wheels.
-We were able to get the string attached to the axle properly.
- We added a lever.
- We replaced the worn-out mousetrap with a new one. Welcome, friend and future buyer! Locascio & Waters, co invites you to take a look at the latest edition of the mousetrap car. With a brand new set of wheels, 2 mousetraps instead of one, and a killer design, the new mousetrap car is ready to go for business. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. Instructions 1. Pull the lever back and set mousetrap.
2. Wind string around the back axle as you spin the back wheel repeatedly in the opposite direction of the intended path until unable to wind further.
3. Place the car in an open area and set off the mousetrap.
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