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7 major US manned space programs

No description

Sydney Bauer

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of 7 major US manned space programs

Adrian Mata
Gabi Cruz
Sydney Bauer The 7 Major U.S. Manned Space Programs Mercury Gemini Apollo Apollo- Soyuz Space Shuttle International Space Station America's first step into space. Next step in NASA's program The first spaceflights to the moon. Where people lived and worked in space for long periods of time. First international manned space flight The first reusable spacecrafts. An effort to make a permanent laboratory that orbits in space. Designed to answer the basic questions about man in space. Proved that not only a man could survive in space, he could greatly increase our knowledge of space. Six successful manned flights. May 1961- May 1963 March 1965- November 1966 These 2-maned flights were used to see how man could maneuver himself and his craft in space. Ten successful manned flights. Skylab May 1973 - July 1979 They made Skylab for two reasons to prove that people could live and work in space, and so they could expand our knowledge of solar astronomy. Had large amounts of uncrewed test flights and 11 crewed missions. The Apollo missions were to land people on the moon and bring them safely back to earth. six out of the eleven achieved this goal. July 1975 Started with the Russian Soyuz launch on July 15, followed by U.S. Apollo launch the same day they both docked in space on July 17. Both landed safely and on schedule. 1981-2011 Accomplished many tasks that have enhanced our life on earth. The most complex engineering and construction in the world.
16 countries and over 100,000 people are contributing to it. 1998-2012 1966-1972 A piece of the space station The End!
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