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The Nutcracker

No description

Karen Thompson

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker A ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky Ballet: a theatrical art form using dance, music, and scenery to tell a story.

[How many of you take dance class?] The story of the Nutcracker takes place on Christmas Eve at the home of a little girl named Clara. Every year at this time, Clara's family hosts a marvelous party. Her entire family has gathered for the celebration, and everyone is having a wonderful time. Clara's godfather, a skilled toymaker, gives Clara a magnificent Nutcracker dressed in a soldier's uniform. Though Clara has already received many gifts, this is the one she likes the most. Everybody at the party notices the nutcracker. Clara’s brother is jealous of the gift and grabs it away from her. As they fight over the Nutcracker, his toe is broken off. Their mother is upset by the fighting, and she sends the children off to bed and sets the Nutcracker under the Christmas tree. Clara is very sad that her present is hurt, but her godfather promises her that he can fix the damage. Later that night when everyone is sound asleep, Clara creeps downstairs to get her Nutcracker. But as she comes to the bottom of the stairs, she can hardly believe her eyes! To her surprise, the Christmas toys have come to life! Dolls from many different lands are dancing, toy soldiers are marching, and something else is going on … A terrible battle is taking place. A Mouse King and his army of mice are attacking Clara’s Nutcracker! The Nutcracker has a hard time during the battle because his foot is injured. Clara wants to help him, so she takes off her slipper and throws it at the Mouse King. The slipper hits the Mouse King in the head and he falls over. Seeing their leader fallen, all the other mice are scared and run away. As Clara runs over to hug her Nutcracker, a miracle happens! Her Nutcracker comes to life and turns into a handsome prince! The Nutcracker, who is now a handsome prince, takes Clara on a journey to the Land of Sweets: a magical place where they are greeted by the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy. The Nutcracker tells the Sugar Plum Fairy of the battle with the mice and how Clara helped to save his life. The Sugar Plum Fairy rewards Clara and the Nutcracker with a celebration of dances. All of a sudden, Clara wakes up to find herself by the Christmas tree with her nutcracker, who is now a wooden toy again. Clara thinks to herself, "It all must have been a dream."

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