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Michael- Freedom

This prezi is about what is freedom and how we have freedom. This also include quotes from wise people and this prezi also includes many pictures.

michael pham

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Michael- Freedom

freedom Free country! Free life Our choices Our rights! we can do what we
want to do. We own our
life and no one control
over us! No one can make
us do anything unless we
want to. We have a free country.
We don't have to be scared
we don't need to fear, we
do what ever that is right. We can choose
to do what we do
we have choices.
We have options to do things
therefore we have freedom! We have our own rights
which gave us freedom.
Some people don't have
their rights and therefore
thay don't have freedom
of rights Some country force us
to do things and if we
don't follow them they
torture us. Though there
are free countries in this
world where we do what is
right. Even God gave us
the choice to follow
him. This clearly show
we have our own freedom.
He made us so we can choose
who to follow.
Even Satan can choose.
He chose to betray god
and god alloud this to happened. This obviously show that we have freedom!
These are some of our
rights we should have:
We can be tempted to do
things but they have no
control over us. We may
be tempted on things that are
illegal or things that are
not right but we can choose.
We can say no or yes but having
the choice to choose gave us a
free life. No one can make you do
anything that you don't want. If
they force you to do something
you are able to say no. We are
not controlled by anything and this
is a life. Though non-free countries
also have a sense of
freedom. Since there
are not many rules to
follow while free countries
has much more. Free Religion We can choose what
God to follow and
no one can say no.
We can choose deep
down in our heart
who is our true god.

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”

“Freedom is not worth having
if it does not include
the freedom to make mistakes.” To be happy.
To be treated with understanding.
To be treated with respect.
To be treated with politness.
To be safe.
To expect our belonging to be safe.
To expect our property to be safe. Wise quotes what does this quote mean? This quote meant that
freedom is not worth it
if we can't make mistake
for it. We should have the
freedom to do mistakes. What
if we did a mistake. Is that
mean we have to take the
consequences? Yes we do take
consequences for it therefore freedom
is not worth it. Well if that the
case then it would not be worth it.
As every make mistakes and if we don't
have freedom for it then why should
we have freedom as the result would be
worse than not having freedom. Written by an Indian philosipher Everyone on earth is
has freedom but there
are some freedoms are
just different.
for example.... People that are
poor and don't
even have a home. Mean These people may be poor
but they are still happy to be
alive and to have friends!
This boy have the freedom
of playing games. What are the difference? These 2 are really different
but they are both freedom.
One have freedom over joy
and one is has freedom over
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