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The R.M.S Titanic

Katelyn Phan

Jaci Howard

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of The R.M.S Titanic

More and More Rivets

There were three million rivets on the Titanic. Some believed that the rives were faulty and that is what caused the ship to founder.
The faults
Was it the Captain,the ship builder,Bruce Ismay or Thomas Andrews fault that the Titanic sank?
First Class
It cost $430-$3,300 just to get a room.
They had a bed,sofa,wardrobe,a table, and washbasin in their room.
For activities they had private decks, served well, had access to many places as well to second and third class.

The Titanic was submerged by an Iceberg. The iceberg that sank the Titanic was 50-100 feet high and 200-400 feet long. It was a medium iceberg.
The Disaster
The R.M.S Titanic sank on April 14-15, 1912. The Titanic was traveling at 22.5 knots. The temperature was 36 degrees Fahrenheit and the average time people will last at that temperature was 15 minutes. The Titanic received 6 warnings that day.There were twenty life boats and that is only enough to fill half of the Titanic passengers.

The R.M.S Titanic
The Titanic was started to be built in 1909. It took three years to be built in Belfast, Ireland and had 3,000 workers working on the wonder ship.It cost 7.5 million at that time and it would cost over 167 million today.
Out Of This World Measurements
The Titanic weighed 46,000 tons.
The grand ship was 175 feet tall.
It was 882.9 feet long.
Lastly, it was 92 feet wide.
The captain of the ship was Captain E.J Smith. Captain Smith ignored six iceberg warnings and he wasn't careful about the speed he was going at. Maybe if he slowed down the ship the Titanic wouldn't have foundered.
The ship builders were Harland and Wolff. There were three million rivets being used to hold the Titanic together. Some rivets have been seen from the debris of the Titanic and have been looked at closely. There findings seem to be that the rivets were made of sub-standard iron.Sub-standard iron is very faulty or useless. When the Titanic hit the iceberg it was most likely that the force was hard enough that the heads of the rivets broke. Maybe if the rivets weren't faulty the grand ship may haven't sunk.
Bruce Ismay was the director of the White Star Line and he came aboard the Titanic. To get to a competition in time the Titanic couldn't slow down. Some people say that Bruce made Captain Smith to keep the same speed of the ship.
The designer of the ship was Thomas Andrew. The Titanic said there were sixteen watertight compartments, but the compartments didn't go as high as they should have. The White Star Line didn't want them to go up or there will be less space in first class. Maybe if the Thomas put the compartments the right height the Titanic would not have sunk.
My opinion is that it was all of their faults because there were chain events that led to the sinking. If I was going to prevent the sinking I would first make sure there was enough life boats for everyone. Next, I would make sure that the Compartments reached to the top of the ship. Then, make sure the people on watch had binoculars and had a working radio.
Types of Icebergs
Growlers and Bergy Bits
Less than 3 feet high and 16 feet long.

3-13 feet high and 15-46 feet long.
Small and Medium Icebergs
14-50 feet high and 47-200 feet long.

51-150 feet high and 201-400 feet long.
Large Icebergs
151-240 feet high and 401-670 long.
Very Large Icebergs
They are over 240 feet high and 670 feet long.
Second Class
They had bunk beds built in to the wall.
Their room was like a hotel room.
They had up to 2-4 beds in each room.

Third Class
They had bunk beds built in to the wall.
They had 4-10 people in each room.
They had only two bathrooms for all of third class.
They were also called steerage.
They sat on benches and played cards.

Measurements and Statistics booklet RMS Titanic Titanic Information & Data
Titanic Power Point
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