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Sophie's Story

No description

Sandie Cornish

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Sophie's Story

Sophie's Story
12 December 1779 Sophie is born ...
Louis takes charge of Sophie's education ...
Louis in hiding from the revolution!
Sophie takes a vow
Restoration of the Monarchy
1789 French Revolution!
May 1793
Louis is arrested!
Louis takes Sophie to Paris ...
Sophie meets Fr Varin ...
The Diletti di Gesu dedicate themselves to the education of young girls as a way of communicating the love of the Heart of Jesus.
First House established at Amiens ...
Sophie becomes superior at Amiens
Separation from the Diletti di Gesu
21 November
Sophie makes her first religious consecration.
Sophie meets Philippine Duchesne
Aged 26, Sophie is elected Superior General for life
1807 - 1813
Conflict over charism, governance and leadership
Constitutions Adopted
Name Society of the Sacred Heart reclaimed.
Philippine Duchesne leads a group to Louisiana
The Society is invited to Savoy, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, England, Algeria, the Polish region of Austria, the Tyrol, Spain, Westphalia and Holland.
Diversification of Means - special schools for the handicapped, orphans, for boys, workshops, teacher training, retreats
1839 - 1843
Conflict about the revision of the Constitutions & the location of the motherhouse
Mother Barat's Council is divided.
Decrees issued modeling governance on that of the Jesuits.
French Bishops & the state are opposed to the changes.
March 1843
The Sacred Congregation abrogates the 1839 Decrees

Mother Barat undertakes a 'refounding' returning to the origins of the Society
25 May 1865 - Sophie dies in Paris
24 May 1908

Sophie is beatified by Pope Pius X
24 May 1925

Sophie is canonized by Pope Pius XI
The Society has 3,359 members in 89 houses (64 in Europe, 20 in the USA and Canada, 2 in Cuba, and 3 in South America).
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