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Peoplelink video conferencing software

Video conferencing software that works on Low bandwidth and save near about 80% bandwidth recurring cost. Connect Multiple locations from anywhere, no need to go to boardroom for every conference meeting. Inbuilt whiteboard and MCU setups that save Huge M

Anusha Seo

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Peoplelink video conferencing software

PeopleLink Video Conferencing Software
Video Conferencing Solutions In Government Sector
Video Conferencing Solutions For Retail
Retailers need to continuously engage and maintain customers every time. Customer service is often a key differentiators, as it's the ability to respond quickly to market trends. PeopleLink provides the solutions that enable real-time collaboration between stores, suppliers, warehouses, buyers, and sales teams, which ultimately leads to better customer service and supply management.
Peoplelink Vision
PeopleLink video conferencing being a leading software video conferencing service provider, is having a vision of facilitating all the small and medium scale enterprises to avail the technology within their financial limitations. It is also aimed at spreading the roots of software based video conferencing in all the sectors of the society.
Video Conferencing Solutions For Financial Institutions
Every day, Central, state and local governments are tasked with providing a wide range of services to citizens, businesses, and even other governments; from day-to-day services to emergency response. Yet even with the task of providing so many services, agencies must strive to reduce operational costs and save taxpayer money, while increasing operational effectiveness and productivity. Here is a best solution for all this tasks.
Financial institutions are always looking for a new and innovative products as well as more effective ways to provide services to their clients. This can be achieved with the right technology and tools. Bank branches can communicate more effectively to increase customer service levels. New financial products can be launched more quickly and to larger audience. New product training or market trend analysis can be completed remotely. And these are just a few of the reasons financial companies worldwide choose Video Conferencing to provide the most lifelike experience for collaboration and communication from anywhere to anywhere, instantly.
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