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Pulp Fiction

No description

Anastasia Kozlov

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Pulp Fiction

- Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega
(two hitmen) are out to retrieve a
suitcase stolen from their
employer Marsellus Wallace. -Wallace has also asked Vincent
to entertain his wife Mia when
Wallace himself will be out of
town. -Butch Coolidge is an aging boxer who
is paid by Wallace to lose his next
fight. Quentin Tarantino (born March 27, 1963)

-American film director,
screenwriter, producer, and

-big movie fan, worked in a
video rental store -His career began in the late 1980s -He has received many industry awards -"the single most influential
director of his generation" -stylistic use of mix-and-match genre
and music,non-linear story lines and aestheticization
of violence

-morphing a variety of old works to
create a new one -"When people ask me if I went to film
school, I tell them, 'no, I went to
films'." Pulp Fiction -ironic mix of humor and
violence, nonlinear storyline (1994) -nominated for seven Oscars Prologue -"Pumpkin" (Tim Roth) and "Honey
Bunny" (Amanda Plummer) are having
breakfast in a diner.

-They decide to rob it

-Moments after they initiate the hold-
up, the scene breaks off and the
title credits roll. Vincent Vega and Marsellus Wallace's Wife -In a empty cocktail lounge, aging prizefighter Butch Coolidge
accepts a large sum of money from mobster Marsellus Wallace,
agreeing to take a dive in his upcoming match -Vincent drops by the house of Lance and his wife Jody to purchase
high-grade heroin. He shoots up before driving over to meet Mrs.
Mia Wallace and take her out -After participating in a twist contest, they return to the
Wallace house with the trophy. While Vincent is in the bathroom,
Mia finds his stash of heroin in his coat pocket. Mistaking it
for cocaine, she snorts it and overdoses. -Vincent rushes her to Lance's house for help. Together, they give
an adrenaline shot to Mia's heart, reviving her. Before parting
ways, Mia and Vincent agree not to tell Marsellus of the
incident. The Bonnie Situation -The story returns to Vincent and Jules at Brett's. After they execute him, another man bursts out of the bathroom and shoots wildly at them, missing every time. Jules and Vincent kill him. -Jules decides this is a miracle and a sign from God for him to retire as a gangster. They drive off with one of Brett's associates, Marvin, their informant. Vincent asks Marvin for his opinion about the "miracle," and accidentally shoots him in the face. -Forced to remove their bloodied car from the road, Jules calls upon the house of his friend Jimmie. Jimmie's wife, Bonnie, should be back from work soon. -At Jules' request, Marsellus arranges the help of Winston Wolfe, who should take charge of the situation. -They drive the car to a junkyard, from where Wolfe and the owner's head off to breakfast and Jules and Vincent decide to do the same. Epilogue -As Jules and Vincent eat breakfast in a
coffee shop the discussion returns to
Jules's decision to retire.
-While Vincent is in the bathroom, the
crime begins.
-Jules surprises "Pumpkin", holding
him at gunpoint."Honey Bunny",hysterical,
points her gun on Jules.
Vincent emerges from the restroom with his
gun pointed on her.
-Jules expresses his ambivalence about his
life of crime. As his first act of
redemption, he allows the two robbers to
take the cash they have stolen and leave.
Jules and Vincent leave as well to take the
briefcase to their boss. storyline: c
Y The Gold Watch -Butch flees the arena, having won the fight and
killed his opposite fighter. -The next morning, at the motel where he and his
girlfriend, Fabienne, are staying, Butch discovers
that she has forgotten to pack the irreplaceable
watch. He returns to his apartment and thinking he
is alone, pauses for a snack.

-He notices a machine pistol on the kitchen counter.
Hearing the toilet flush, Butch readies the gun in
time to kill Vincent Vega leaving the bathroom. -Butch drives away but while waiting at a traffic
light, Marsellus walks by and recognizes him. They
start a fight and both land in a pawnshop, where the
shopowner shackles them and Zed, a police officer,
rapes Marsellus. Butch saves him and flees with his
girlfriend out of the town. stylistics: -the movies often have references to each other -inspired by B-movies and Spaghetti Western -Tarantino often uses the same actors Facts about Pulp Fiction -fictional brands ("Red Apple" cigarettes) -Tarantino often uses quotes from his favourite movies -In the prologue you can see Vincent walking to the restroom and hear Jules talking in the background -everytime Vincent returns from the restroom something bad happens Sources Movie: "Pulp Fiction"







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