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Vocab 5B

Vocabulary and definitions

Anna Chang

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Vocab 5B

Adamant unyelding; firm in opinion Diffident lacking in self-confiendence; shy “I am very adamant about keeping my private life private. I don't prefer to talk about my family.”
- Luis Miguel “I then thought him one of the most diffident and worst plagued men I ever saw.”
-Joshua Wolf Shenk Opus a creative work "An opus is not an opus without singing" Ostensible professed but not true “Jealousy - that jumble of secret worship and ostensible aversion.”
-E. M. Cioran Disparity difference; inequality “It is important that we do not complacently assume that economic success and social disparity inevitably go hand-in-hand.”
-Mary McAleese The End.
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