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Reviewing the Literature

No description

Rosario Rubio

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Reviewing the Literature

Positive Views
The presence of different immigrant and ethnic groups in an area has varied effects on Whites’ immigration attitudes. The more legal immigrants one area has correlates with Whites holding more immigrant-friendly attitudes (Berg 2009),

Negative Views
Steretyping the ilegal population gives a negative and false impression of all immigrants creating a bias on the population with no Immigrant contact.
Economic Facts
It is estimated that Immigration Reform would reduce the currrent deficit and add 450 billion dollars in revenue over the next decade.

At least in the state of georgia Ilegal Immigrants contribute about 360 million in taxes each year.
Without a doubt politics help shape positive and negative views on Immigration Reform

Hot Topic on an Election Year
Although the overwhelming politicization of the subject that adds negative views for the most part.
Empirical research and statistics shows that due to globalization and migration people hold a better opinion today on ilegal immigration than 30 years ago.
As the diversity of American cities increases, White Americans hold a more positiveare Attitude towards Immigration in general.
Are Negative Views on Ilegal Immigrants slowing the efforts
on Immigration Reform?

40 million legal immigrants
11 million Ilegal Immigrants
500,000 new immigrans arriving each year
Ilegals are here to take all our jobs.

Most ilegals are violent criminals.
Economic Facts
In Conclusion
The literature available is very limited on how most americans perceive Ilegal Immigration.
The research focuses on the socioeconomic factors that cause it and the the problems it creates.
No significant negative data on negative views being the cause of the slow progress.
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