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Howl's Moving Castle

project of witchcraft

Stanley Greidinger

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle duel soverinty rumors in the towns Ginzburg/ needham
was said to lead wemon away Polythetic classification what makes a witch in this world
all chatagories
all called witches, and wizards but do diffrent things Defining whichcraft Witch vs sorcerer Evans pritchard
use of magical spells is witch craft
use of materials material is sorcery power = caficar
athority = howl animal transformation kluckohn
needham? good vs evil magic? learned magic power has to be learned
is taught by a teacher
some can be learned from books
Luhraman (books and teacher's) Inate in all humans all can do
some more predisposed to it than others
power flows out of you and acts with or without owner
Lurhuman (learning to channel power)
Evans prichard acting with out owner Dog? thought to be a werewolf
made of many human parts
(maybe ginzburg werefolf)
trasformation to animal between life and death? needed information to cast spell Evans pritchar's azande need to know where were to cast spell
witch's curse required information on howl and location to work witch's
lack of heart
from west
contract with demon's
Ginzburg's contract with demon's words Lurhuman talks about power of words old ladies luriman A Wizard at work Background Witch of the Waste =
Witch of the west? hats hats hats this is a real floating castle Calcifer Three Forms of magic The Needham-y look at witchcraft Evans Pritchard
sorcery vs witchcraft Ginzburg devil worshipping=
Demon contracts Inversion!! Polythetic Classification flight
eat children
transform into animals Learned Magic Magic must be studied Howl's introduction to magic
was through books Bodyparts Bodyparts are removed but the person can still survive Duel Sovereignty king Howl wizards Calcifer Power Authority hi :)
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