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Kerri Brookins Photography Campaign

No description

Lacy Brookins

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Kerri Brookins Photography Campaign

Taylor Anderson
Sara Baker
Lacy Brookins
Jason Benton
Matt Pesqueda Only The Best To Last A Lifetime Strategy Execution Activities Evaluation Aimless Ads Summary Analysis Objectives Budget Historical Context Principle Players Kerri Brookins
Greg Brookins
Mainly a one-person business History of
the Industry The Brand From classic studio based companies to more mobile, flexible professional photographers
Clients are now choosing what, where, when, and how they want their portraits taken
More flexibility than ever
Can now add their own look and feel to portraits such as clothing, scenery, jewelry, props, and more to enhance their experience Mistakes Successes Industry Analysis The logo is bold, classic, and expresses elegant simplicity at its finest that reflects back on the overall business. Market Analysis Clients have moved away from traditional studio portraits to more custom and tailored portraits
Allowing clients to showcase who they really are in their own environment
This customization brings a whole new experience to the consumer Competitor Analysis Industry is so saturated with other photographers in the same market
Want to show the consumers and potential clients that Kerri offers what other can't
Only Kerri can offer what very few can and that is professional, customizable portraits along with an experience very few can match Objectives 1. To create new brand awareness and increase current brand awareness 3% over the next year.
2. To influence purchase intent from 10% to 15% over the next year.
3. To convert one-time users into repeat purchasers from 2% to 3% over the next year.
4. To Increase sales 10% over the next year.
5. To encourage brand switching from 10% to 20% over the next year. Breakdown Executive Summary Points of emphasis:

$16,000 Budget
Target Market
Means & Area of Distribution In Order to Increase Brand Awareness... To Better Influence Purchase Intent... Convert
One-time Users into Repeat Purchasers... To Increase Sales Over the Next Year... Target Market Newlyweds
Engaged Couples
New Families
High School Seniors
Women 18-35 years old Positioning Product is one of quality
Embodies luxury and sentimental value
One of the most important items in the home
Consumers are looking for quality in their photos that shows off what they paid for and how much it means to them Slogan "Only The Best To Last A Lifetime" Media Plan Sales Promotion Smartphone app
Purchase of exclusive photography packages totaling $850+. App can also be purchased for an extra $225 add-on to lower dollar amount portrait collections
Example: purchase $469 portrait collection + $225 app = XXX
Portraits in the app are ones that were purchased during the client’s proofing session and are web-based files, not full quality
Provides the ability to share their portraits via friends, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
Can access the Kerri Brookins Photography Facebook page, email, call, and view the webpage
Accommodate customer's “sharing” needs and encourage consumers to come back for more photos in regards to other life events upon repeated viewing Influx in sales and calls throughout the year due to the advertising campaign as compared to the average amount
Keep diary log of current calls, photo shoots, packages sold etc.
Sales, sales, sales. Calls, calls, calls. Again, as Kerri Brookins is a small, mainly one-person business, any slight change in phone calls and appointments set will be highly noticeable So...would
Kerri Brookins Photography hire Aimless Ads? Print Ads:
-Magazine: $770 half page ad x 12 months = $9,240
-Both Game Day Programs: $300 full page ad x 1 time fee x 2 game day programs = $600
Billboard Ad: $1000 for 2 weeks in a month x 2 months = $2,000
Production Costs: Video $40 for the 6 8x10 portraits for the testimonials
Total Media/Production Costs = $11,880
Agency Cost = $4,000
Total Campaign Costs = $15,880 (under budget by $120 ($16,000-15,880)
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