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an extremely cool presentation concerning Ukraine

Jakub Fiala

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Ukraine

Cheap cigarettes and other goods
Ventil vodka
Other vodkas (said to be the best and the purest)
Chernobyl power plant explosion
Female and children work
Timosenkova's hairstyle
Klicko the boxer
Alenka's family
Drinking buddies
People smuggling across the boarder
Russian suburb
Not a part of EU
Druzba oil pipeline
Orange revolution
Bad food and even worse dishing up
A lot of injections = healthy vaccinated people
Beautiful nature
Kyjev - lovely city

867AD Inhabited by mostly Slavic population First feudal state – Kievan Rus Vladimir the Great makes Orthodox (Byzantine) Christianity the main religion 1135 Contested territory – Turks, Tatars & Russians I917 Part of the USSR 1991 Independence & Democratic Government HISTORY TOURISM Visitors: mainly from Eastern Europe, but also Western Europe, USA, Canada

Carpathian mountains: hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting - Bukovel, Slavske, Vorokhta

Coast: swimming, suntaning - Crimea, Odessa

Medical tourism - medical care is much cheaper compared to Western Countries or Russia - dentists, spas, eye and plastic surgery  POLITICS CENTRALLY PLANNED ECONOMY ODESSA Never shake hands, give keys or anything else in a doorway.
Never leave an empty bottle on the table.
Try to sit between two people with the same name.
Spit three times over his left shoulder or sit on your luggage before going on a trip. POPULATION

45.4 million CAPITAL

Kiev Area
Orthodox Christianity MONETARY UNIT
1 hryvnya = 100 kopiykas COMPETITIVE MARKET INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC President –Viktor Yanukovich GENERAL INFORMATION CULTURE Crimea Carphatian mountains Dniester river Ukrainians never supress their emotions, they are very open. s Real Ukrainian forest Grandparents usually live with
their children and help them to
raise their kids. Ukrainians are well known
for their hospitality. Their food consists mainly of a combination of fresh or pickled fruits and vegetables, meat, mushrooms and herbs. Drinking is a cultural phenomenon. SUPERSTITIONS INDUSTRY 5 nuclear power plants 300 coal mines 200 large enterprises 5.5 million tons of oil
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