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TOK - Plastic surgery

No description

Anna-Theresa M

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of TOK - Plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery
Real Life Situation
Solange Magnano, 37 - former Miss Argentina - died after complications arising from plastic surgery
To what extent should medicine be a mean to make ourselves adapted to societies expectations?
Anna-Theresa Mueller
Steps of my investigation
Areas of knowledge:
Ways of knowing:
Social Comparison theory
Claim: As we compare ourselves constantly to others, we are strongly influenced by societies expectations.
Counterclaim: Each individual is different and shouldn't base his or her values on the ones shaped by society.
Conclusion: Social comparison is part of human nature, however socially constructed ideals affect especially the weak and pushes them towards blindfold decisions.
Social Comparison
Counterclaim: Self Interest Theory- we only promote our own interest to fulfill our own values and achieve happiness.
Claim: Society pushes us towards the disregard of our own moral values.
Conclusion: It is hard to balance your own values to those of our society.
Perceptual Illusions
Interpretation (based on our mind)
Sensation (by environmental influences)
Perception affected by strong emotions:
We only see, what we want to see.
-> disability to judge ethically - according to own values
Emotion as a source of knowledge:
intuition helps us to find the best solution for ourselves
Emotion as an obstacle to knowledge:
can impact perception and reason
Biased perception: emotion can change the way we see something into something we want to see
fallacious reasoning: generalizations from limited or manipulated information sources
Solange Magnano a mother of 7-year old twins died after complications during a bum lift in 2009
she died due to a pulmonary embolism, caused by injected liquids
Solange Magnano, 37
Deductive reasoning:
from the general to the particular
Fallacious reasoning:
fallacious reasoning: generalizations from limited or manipulated information sources
Special pleading:
exception of personal case - not accepted if done by someone else
How can the media still present 'fake' or manipulated ideals to society, even though the anxiety to fulfill these can be harmful to the individual?
Knowledge Issue
To what extent should medicine be a mean to make ourselves adapted to societies expectations?
pressure and expectations are inflicted on us in several different ways
society should prevent blindfold decisions, impacting our health
especially the media industry
medical industry should be stricter
How can we ourselves prevent us from such decisions?
We should accept ourselves how we are - everyone is beautiful in his or her way
our own values are priority NOT societies values
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