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No description

Kayla Saxton

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Michoacan

Michoacán History:
The native word Mechoacan, which means "place of the fishermen." Geography:
East: Mountain ranges and volcanic areas
West: Coastal plains Varying climate:
The coast enjoys a tropical climate (82°f)
Central region has a milder climate (71°f)
High-altitude regions can experience freezing temperatures. Population:
3,966,073 (2005 Census) Michoacán Current exchange rate
1 US dollar= 12.68 Mexican pesos Spending money:
$1700= 21556.17 pesos Hotel & Suites Villa del Sol
$46 or 583.28 pesos

Located in Morelia
near the airport
close to...
Museum of Colonial Art
Temple of the Nuns
Plaza de Armas
pool and lounge Holiday Inn Morelia
$81 or 1027.08 pesos
Near Historic Mexico Landmarks
Nestled in the Guayangareo Valley
comfortable accommodations
Near the downtown area and the Airport
Notable attractions and area businesses within a short drive
Pool!! Cupatitzio River: tributary of the River Tepacaltepec.
Originates in Cupatitzio Canyon in Uruapan
Features a waterfall over 40 meters tall!!!
Lovely tranquil sound
FREE! Sierra Chincua (Butterfly Sanctuary)
Located in Angangueo
Costs 7 pesos!!!
easier to find than "El Rosario"
"inolvidable" experience Sight-Seeing Attractions Purepecha or Tarascan Enemies of the Aztecs
origins are still a puzzle
center of the Tarascan Empire; Lake Patzcuaro Still reflected on in religion
"moon maidens"
mythical symbols such as deer masks and "the tigers" figure $892

Depart: Tallahassee, FL at 6:30 am
Change flights in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (layover 3hr 35mins)
Arrive in Morelia, Michoacán at 2:20pm
Total air time travel: 8hr 50 mins

Return to Morelia, Michoacán at 3:00 pm
Change flights twice (layover 3 hr 15 mins)
1) Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
2)Miami, Florida
Arrive in Tallahassee, Fl at 8:10am
Total airtime travel: 17 hr 10 mins close to population of Kentucky and Oregon
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