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No description

Thomas Mentus

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Mitosis

Interphase 90% of cell cycle
Cell grows and copies
its chromosomes for cell
3 Phases G1: Cell growth S:Continues to grow
Chromosomes are copied G2:Continues to grow
and completes preparations
for cell divison Prophase Chromatin fibers condense into
chromosomes, nucleoli disappear,
chromosomes appear as two sister
chromatids joined together.
Mitotic spindle begins to form,
centrosomes move away from each other. Prometaphase Nuclear envelope fragments,
microtubules invade nuclear area,
bundles of microtubules extend from each
pole towards middle of cell.
Chromatids now have kinetochore which
some of the microtubles attach to. Metaphase Centrosomes are now on opposite
sides of the cell.
Chromosomes line up on the
metaphase plate.
Each chromosomes kinetochore is
attached to the microtubules coming
from opposite poles of the cell. Anaphase Paired centromeres of each chromosome
seperate. The chromosomes begin moving
toward opposite poles of the cell as the
kinetochore microtubules shorten. Poles of cell
move farther apart as nonkinetochore
microtubules lengthen. Telophase Nonkinetochore microtubules
lengthen cell more and daughter nuclei
form at two poles.
Nuclear envelopes arise from fragments
of parent cell envelope. Chromatin fiber
becomes less tightly coiled. Cytokinesis Cleavage furrow appears
and deepens until parent cell
is pinched in two. Mitosis Cell divison in eukaryotic cells
divided into 5 stages; prophase, prometaphase,
metaphase, anaphase, telophase which result in
forming two daughter diploid cells.
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