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Jodi Jensen

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of biology

Results Hypothesis: I suspect that the deer will enjoy the apples more because they are sweeter. I also believe they will prefer the apples because they can't find fresh apples in the winter but can find grains, so it will be a treat to them. They will want to come back to the site to eat all the apples. What: I conducted an experiment over what deer like better apples or
deer chow. Deer Feeding Experiment Research: Before I conducted my
experiment, I did some research that indicated deer feed the heaviest in the early morning or just before dark. Also they feed heavier before bad weather days. Apples My results showed that deer prefer to eat fresh apples over purchased premixed food. They cleaned up the apples within two days, but only ate approximately 80% of the bagged food. My camera showed that they ate mostly in the early morning, but sometimes ate in late afternoon. While the apples did not provide the most nutritional values, they did provide the best response from the deer. From my results, I have concluded that when trying to bring in that big buck, I should choose apples over deer chow and the apples were free! How: I placed 25lbs of deer chow
and approximately 75 apples on the ground. I positioned a trail camera in front of the piles. I let it sit to see which pile was cleaned up faster according to my evidence. So I could see which the deer preferred. When: I conducted this one week before rifle season and all throughout rifle season. Where: Adams Lumber (Council Grove, Ks)

Cost: $15.43 (for 1 bag)

Salt-0.2% vs Deer Chow Where: Americus, KS

Cost: Free (for all apples)

Salt-0% By Jodi Jensen
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