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Boxer Rebellion vs. Taiping Rebellion

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Evelyn Barnhart

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Boxer Rebellion vs. Taiping Rebellion

Boxer Rebellion
Both armies in the Taiping and Boxer rebellions were made up of poor peasants.
both armies were defeated by European countries.
both rebellions had a huge following by the people.
the taiping rebellion was a peaceful one, and the boxer rebellion was a violent one.
the taiping rebellion favored missionaries, and the boxer rebellion opposed them.
the taiping rebellion lasted longer than the boxer rebellion.
the taiping rebellion's result was death and starvation, but the boxer rebellion resulted in a stronger sense of nationalism in china.
Taiping Rebellion
Boxer rebellion vs. Taiping rebellion
A campaign against the Dowager Empress's rule and foreigner privilege was called the Boxer Rebellion.
The boxer rebellion was formed by peasants and poor workers.
these people called themselves the "society of Harmonious fists" at first, and then they became known as the boxers.
the boxers and their rebellion were quickly defeated, but a strong sense of nationalism emerged in china as a result.
The taiping rebellion was china's largest, and was led by hong xiuquan.
the word "taiping" means "great peace."
Hong's army was made up of mostly poor men and women.
by 1853, one million people had joined hong in his forces.
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