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Freehand Sketching

No description

Roya Azimzadeh

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Freehand Sketching

6. Continue sketching each part of the circle (arcs) by rotating the paper until the circle is complete.
2. Using your pencil and your thumb, mark off desired radius from the intersection along each line as shown.
1. Establish perpendicular center lines.
Two-Pencil Method
(Text-Based Instructions):
3. Optional Eraser (Vinyl)
2. Paper (unlined or grid)
1. Graphite Pencil (H, F, or HB)
Complete the practice sheets I will distribute keeping in mind those important point made earlier.
When rotated 360 degrees you will have a complete circle. To sketch an arc simply stop at the desired degrees.
Two-Pencil Method Continued:
Now it is your turn to begin developing your SKILL at Freehand Technical Sketching:
Freehand technical sketching is a skill. And as such, the only way to improve this skill is to practice!
The Activity of Drawing………
“Drawing is more than a manual skill; it involves
visual thought which stimulates the imagination, while imagining provides impetus for drawing.” Francis Ching, 1998
Uses of Freehand Technical Sketching
What is Freehand
Technical Sketching?
1. Sketch two lines perpendicular for center lines
Construction Method:
Points to Remember:
2. Keep SHARP conical point on pencil.
1. Its an Attitude! Think straight line.
Process of Freehand Technical
Radius marked off.
2. Using your pencil and your thumb, mark off desired radius from the intersection along each line as shown.
Construction Method Continued:
Bring pencil here
Keep eye here
Begin Drawing:
a. Keep eyes on “ending point”
b. Bring pencil point to “ending point” without watching movement of pencil (remember, move your whole arm & not at the wrist!).
Rotate paper with free hand
Keep pressure here
4. Use your free hand to rotate the paper while pressing down on the center point pencil.
3. Hold two sharp pointed pencils in your hand as shown below with one pencil located in the center.
Place in center
Two-Pencil Method Continued:
Constructed Square with center lines
3. Sketch lines parallel to the existing lines through each mark you just made.
1. Construction method
2. Scrap Paper method
3. Two-Pencil method
Three methods:
Sketching Circles & Arcs
Position for Left-handers shown, Right-handers begin at the opposite point.
Beginning Point
Begin with a starting “point” and an ending “point.”
When drawing, move whole arm, not just fingers or hand.
4. Rotate paper to fit your comfort position.
Vocabulary used in Freehand Technical Sketching
5. Sketch arcs from tangent point to tangent point making sure each arc is curved and not flat.
4. Rotate your paper as shown here and align your hand and pencil as shown.
Fundamentals of

"Drawing thus is a natural and necessary
extention of visual thought." Francis Ching
Hold Pencil as though it is an extension of your
index finger.
Process of Freehand Technical
Sketching Continued:
Ending Point
Process of Freehand Technical
Sketching Continued:
Keep your hand relaxed.

Move your whole arm, not your wrist.

Establish beginning & ending points (keep those points light).

Place your pencil point on the beginning point and keep your eyes on the end point.

Draw ALL lines very light until you have the complete object drawn, then darken in.
Freehand Technical Sketching
Sketching Circles & Arcs
Construction Method Continued:
Construction Method Continued:
Construction Method Continued:
Freehand Technical Sketching
Bottom line: quick & accurate COMMUNICATION!
Recording ideas
Expressing opinion
Developing concepts
a cognitive process that involves perceptive seeing & visual thinking.
the act of drawing technical views of objects without the use of any mechanical drawing tools.
Freehand Technical Sketching
Design and Drafting Technology
University of Central Missouri

Freehand Technical Sketching
Alphabet of Lines
Technical drawings are created using freehand, mechanical, or digital means.
Examples of Good and Bad
Straight Line Technique
Methods of Creating Technical Drawings
Levels of Freehand Drawings
Examples of Grid Lines
Used for Sketching
Creating a Proportioned Sketch
Locating the Center of Squares and Rectangles
Alphabet of Lines
Sketching Circles & Arcs
Use a scrap of paper with the radius marked on it for sketching circles or arcs
Click on the video to see how to sketch circles or arcs with scrap paper and two-pencil (chopsticks) methods
Adopted from http://tcstube.tcsnc.org
Sketching Circles & Arcs
Construction Method with Diagonals:
Scrap Paper and Two-Pencil

Tools Needed for Freehand Technical Sketching……...
World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion
Additional Resources
Visualizing a multiview drawing p. 266
Drawing Conventions for
hidden lines p. 270
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