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What Were the Causes and Effects of the Neolithic Revolution

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Shivam Kotak

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of What Were the Causes and Effects of the Neolithic Revolution

What Were the Causes and Effects of the Neolithic Revolution
By: Shivam Kotak
The Neolithic Revolution was a big change in the history of humans. People learned to make fire, plants, and tame animals. And because of all of this, they were finally able to stay in one spot.
There was not enough meat to feed everyone there.
People had to find an actual place to settle.
People had to create a civilization.
It created agriculture and more organized civilization. People were constantly not on the move because they had a permanent home to settle in.
The early humans learned a lot about how to use animals to their advantage. They learned how to tame animals They started to milk cows in certain places and even collect chicken eggs.
The main development of the Neolithic Revolution is farming. For the first time, people actually learned that if they planted seads, it would grow into food. This is what caused the people to stop moving and stay in one place.
In conclusion, the Neolithic Revolution was a very big development in the history of humans. It was caused because people needed an acutal, final place to live in. It effected how people lived because they farmed, made fire, and tamed animals.
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